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Supporting family values in Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park

Welcome to the website of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance (PWMFA). We are a grassroots organization of citizens of Prince William County and the independent cities of Manassas and Manassas Park, Virginia, dedicated to supporting and promoting the values inherent in the concept of family. Learn more about us.

Where they stand

  • The principal goal of the Family Alliance is to help Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park voters learn more about candidates seeking to represent them in public office. Our focus is especially directed at the County and City school boards, the Board of County Supervisors and Manassas and Manassas Park City Councils. We also concentrate on State legislative candidates with the aim of informing the voting public on where candidates stand regarding key issues affecting the family. Here are some of the projects we are currently undertaking:
    • We’re soliciting the positions of candidates seeking local public offices in both the General and Primary elections in the 2020 election cycle and publicize the results.
    • We maintain an active website ( to draw attention to school issues, elections and the need for Christian leadership on issues affecting the family.
    • We seek to build a network of church contacts throughout Prince William and the two cities (Manassas and Manassas Park) with the aim of promoting the institution of the family and an educated electorate.

Some of our Achievements

  • Led the successful campaign for the Marriage Amendment in 2006, carrying Prince William County and Manassas by a larger margin than statewide.
  • Led the successful fight against off-track betting in Manassas Park in 2004.
  • Distributed Voter Guides to Prince William County churches area.
  • Successfully promoted internet filtering in public libraries and abstinence-based family life education.

The 2020 Election

Affect Public Policy – Help Us Protect our Community

Support our efforts! Visit our “Get Involved” section to join the PWMFA or to make an “online” contribution.

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Press Release: Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia Public Schools



Richard Salmon


Prince Wm Group Observes Biological Sex Is The Difference That Matters

MANASSAS Virginia, January 18, 2021

  • The Prince William & Manassas Family Alliance opposes recommendations of the proposed Virginia Department of Education policy, Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia Public Schools ( This policy document promotes the transgender ideology. This policy document treats gender identity as more important than biological sex. If implemented the policy would even force teachers and students to echo back what those who have “transgendered” themselves want to believe about themselves. Forcing people to say things they do not believe violates the First Amendment. Our public schools should be safe for all people, not just those troubled with ‘gender dysphoria.’
  • The Alliance opposes recommendations to accommodate transgender students in all public school restrooms. In comments filed on a draft (here) the Prince William County affiliate of the Family Foundation urged the State to protect privacy and modesty of all students rather than require schools to allow all students to use any restroom based on a temporary identification with a sex other than that of their birth.
  • The Alliance explained that it believes that in the beginning “God created man in his image, in the image of God He created him: male and female He created them.” Our gender is in our DNA.”

While it said that it condemned bullying or mistreatment of any transgender persons who doubt their birth gender, the proposed transgender policy does not take into account its potential detriment to transgender students. Physicians claim that in the majority of cases young people who question their birth gender come to terms with who they are by young adulthood and move forward in their original gender.

Transgender students adopt clothing and a hair style like their ‘gender identity,’ take a different given name and use preferred pronouns when referring to themselves or when being addressed. Giving them access to bathrooms and showers of a gender other than that corresponding with their genitalia will not satisfy their ‘gender dysphoria.’ Rather it will reinforce the confusion and intensify their focus and that of their fellow students on this narrow aspect of their self-image.

Many transgender youths take hormones that will induce irreversible sex change. Though it sounds simple, the hormones weaken bone development and possibly affect brain development that continues into young adulthood. In most cases the hormones render them sterile.

The secondary sex changes induced by hormone therapy are permanent: girls develop facial hair, a deepened voice and often the girls have their breasts surgically removed to appear more masculine. Boys are feminized to develop breasts, a higher-pitched voice and again, are rendered sterile. If, later, transgender individuals regret their decision, they cannot reverse the damage done to their bodies. This often leads to depression and even suicide.

Family Alliance President Ruth Dale says her group endorses kind and respectful treatment of transgender students but emphasizes “We also want the student body of which the transgender students are a part to be treated with equal respect and dignity. They have a right to privacy and modesty. Sharing bath and shower rooms with students having different genitalia does not serve that end.”

Therefore, we oppose ‘open’ use of bathrooms and shower rooms by transgender students. Instead, single-person toilet and shower facilities should be provided for transgender students’ use. It is the most equitable way to help all students.”

Alliance Secretary Richard Salmon also requested that Virginia senators and delegates who last March mandated local school boards adopt the State Board policy not then yet in existence, suspend that requirement until the state department adopts a final policy and the General Assembly conducts oversight hearings on the resulting “model.”

A draft has been published at Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia Public Schools ( The public is invited to comment between now and 11:59 pm. on February 3 (CLICK ON => Guidance Document Public Comment Forum ( We encourage all the citizens of Virginia to comment on the proposed policy.

We believe the parents and grandparents of school age children should be irate about this policy proposal. Please let your state legislators know how you feel. Their contact information is available here, Who’s My Legislator.


The Prince William & Manassas Family Alliance is composed of citizens of Prince William county and the City of Manassas from many occupations and religious affiliations. Our mission is to stand for and protect family, moral and religious values. Our web site is:

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School closed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) (virus picture from here (

At a special meeting of the Prince William County School Board (PWCSB) on January 12, Dr. Lateef, board chairman, introduced a proposal that moves students in grades 4-12 into the classrooms again by February 26. The board approved the plan by a 5-3 vote that overrides the previous one proposed by Superintendent Walts to bring students into the classroom after spring break early in April.

For high school students, especially seniors, returning to the classroom in April would let them be IN school just a little over a month before exams begin and schools dismiss for the summer. That length of time would not be significant academically for graduating students who want to create meaningful memories of final school activities before they become alumni.

According to reading assessments administered by the state’s Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS), the County showed a dramatic increase in the number of young students failing to read at grade level (New data: Reading gap widens in Prince William County schools | Headlines | The screening tries to identify kindergarten- through third-grade students who need reading intervention services.

From the findings, it appears that virtual classes are not very successful in teaching beginners how to read. The sooner they return to the classroom the better. The current plan brought kindergartners back to school the week of November 10; first-graders followed in early December. The rest of the elementary grades would be back in the classroom in January.

Dr. Lateef’s proposal certainly challenged the idea that virtual learning is working. Already, students with special learning needs have been in school since September with no evidence that their being in class has been a source of spreading COVID. A majority of school staff and teachers will have been vaccinated by March, when classes would resume for all grades.

Dr. Walts foresees difficulty in managing COVID guidelines where students move from room to room in middle and high school. More than 60% of families have opted to stay with virtual learning even when classrooms reopen. That reduction in the total number of students in each classroom will provide ample physical space to meet CDC guidelines for social distancing, a major concern when trying to reduce the spread of the virus.

At the next PWCSB meeting on February 17 the board will consider the state of COVID-19 and how many teachers have been vaccinated to determine how to proceed with the new proposal.

Stay tuned!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

The City Council of the District of Columbia voted 12-1 to approve a bill that allows children age 11 and up to have a vaccination without their parents’ consent and the bill was enacted into law on December 23. That means that kids from 11 and older “may consent to having a vaccination where the minor is capable of meeting the informed consent standard” (Fact check: DC law allows minors over age 11 to consent to vaccines (  A doctor would determine if a minor met the criterion of informed consent that is defined as the ability “to comprehend the need for, the nature of, and any significant risks ordinarily inherent in the medical care.”

Included in the legislation is the requirement that doctors “seek reimbursement without parental consent, directly from the insurer” and “submit the immunization record directly to the minor’s school,” rather than to the parents.  The measure does not mean that minors are required to receive vaccinations, but that they may consent to receiving government-recommended vaccines if they meet the conditions of the legislation.

What the law does not say is that it is in violation of the Constitution. (DC Council Would Discard Constitution, End Parents’ Rights – Parental Rights with updates here, Urgent DC Bill Update – Parental Rights). In the 1979 Parham v. J.R. decision, SCOTUS said that just because kids don’t agree with their parents doesn’t give an agency the power to make that judgment. The decision goes on to say that most children even into adolescence are not able to make sound judgments…concerning medical care or treatment. “Parents can and must make those judgments.”

Further, the bill says that while the parents’ insurance will have to pay for the shot, the parent will not be notified of the charge. The child’s medical record WILL NOT show the immunization, but instead that record will be held at the child’s school and the record is confidential, not to be shown to parents.

In other words, the child, the doctor, the school and the insurance company would all know about the shot, but the parents would not be told. If parents lose the authority to make such decisions for and about their child, what lies ahead? Slowly, parental authority is being taken away from parents and given to the government. Are you willing to give up your rights as a parent? I hope not!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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