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Supporting family values in Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park

Welcome to the website of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance (PWMFA). We are a grassroots organization of citizens of Prince William County and the independent cities of Manassas and Manassas Park, Virginia, dedicated to supporting and promoting the values inherent in the concept of family. Learn more about us.

Where they stand

  • The principal goal of the Family Alliance is to help Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park voters learn more about candidates seeking to represent them in public office. Our focus is especially directed at the County and City school boards, the Board of County Supervisors and Manassas and Manassas Park City Councils. We also concentrate on State legislative candidates with the aim of informing the voting public on where candidates stand regarding key issues affecting the family.Here are some of the projects we are currently undertaking:
    • We’re soliciting the positions of candidates seeking local public offices in both the General and Primary elections in the 2019 election cycle and publicize the results.
    • We maintain an active website ( to draw attention to school issues, elections and the need for Christian leadership on issues affecting the family.
    • We seek to build a network of church contacts throughout Prince William and the two cities (Manassas and Manassas Park) with the aim of promoting the institution of the family and an educated electorate.

Some of our Achievements

  • Led the successful campaign for the Marriage Amendment in 2006, carrying Prince William County and Manassas by a larger margin than statewide.
  • Led the successful fight against off-track betting in Manassas Park in 2004.
  • Distributed Voter Guides to Prince William County churches area.
  • Successfully promoted internet filtering in public libraries and abstinence-based family life education.

Affect Public Policy – Help Us Protect our Community

Support our efforts! Visit our “Get Involved” section to join the PWMFA or to make an “online” contribution.

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Respiratory droplets, produced when a man is sneezing (from here).

The current quarantine called ‘social distancing’ has been imposed on us in order to minimize the transfer of the coronavirus from one person to others. We are trying to prevent many from becoming ill and even dying from the disease. The sooner the wave of infection begins to recede, the sooner businesses can reopen and a semblance of normal daily living can resume.

COVID-19 seems to have come almost out of the blue to ravage the entire world. No one can declare immunity from its spread. A sense of panic has seized us, leading folks to hoard commodities like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, food, and cleaning supplies. It has forced us to stop assembling at school, church, shopping centers and many work sites. Incomes have been sharply cut or reduced, those fortunate enough to be able to telework sit at their computers at home rather than communing to a job, and children amuse themselves with electronics or find something to do outdoors.

Our lives have literally been turned upside down! No plague in earth’s history has created such an upheaval. Why has it come? That is a good question wisdom seeks to answer. Perhaps we need to look at the same Bible we threw out of our national life in 1963 and see what God says. While He doesn’t specify this particular plague, He does say that when we do not obey what He has given us as His word and flaunt our national sins in His face, God will warn us and use plagues to do it. It appears COVID-19 is that vehicle right now.

We need to stop playing the political correctness game and tell it like it is. Two sins God hates are the shedding of innocent blood and all sexual practices outside of marriage.

In the United States alone we have aborted at least 61 million babies since the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down in 1973. Innocent babies with no voice to defend themselves have been sacrificed on the altar of convenience. Distorting the meaning of life and when it begins, abortionists mislead women to believing that the baby within them is just a blob of tissue easily discarded to avoid the responsibility of mothering that child when born.

That rationalization is in direct violation of Commandment six that says, “Thou shalt not murder.” Nowhere in God’s word does He condone the killing of innocent human life. Every soul is priceless in His sight, for He says that God knows each child at the moment of conception. He forms that baby in the womb; the mother is the vehicle for its nurture. God planned it that way, but we have legalized going against God’s order. Are we now tasting God’s abhorrence of our sins?

Not to be minimized is a second sin that God hates and calls an abomination. That is the sin of sexual perversion in all its forms. Genesis 1:27 says that God created humans as male and female, blessed the first pair and told them to be fruitful and multiply (have children). As such, God treasures all people just the way He made them and intends for them to marry: one man and one woman to create a home for children that will be born in that union.

Today sexual aberrations of every variety and kind are practiced in society. The divorce rate in the United States is out of control as partners violate their covenant “‘til death we part.” In fact, many young couples don’t bother to marry at all and just live together. God calls that adultery.

An increasing number of young people shun marriage for other forms of sexual practice, hence, the acronym LGBTQ to differentiate the forms. God judged all sexual practices outside of marriage when He said in Commandment seven: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

Typically, we think ‘adultery ‘means that one or both partners in a marriage break their marriage covenant to have sex with another person or persons. They are unfaithful to their promise at the altar, but the word adultery has a broader meaning. To adulterate something means: “to corrupt, debase, or make impure by the addition of a foreign or inferior substance or element “(Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary).

Our bodies as created by God are to be treated with respect and sanctity. When someone has sex with another person in any relationship other than marriage, they adulterate the intended use of their body. They debase it. I Corinthians 6:18 says, “Flee immorality. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man/woman sins against his/her own body.” God hates ALL immorality in any form.

There we have it in a nutshell! Our nation is guilty of committing murder through abortion and of embracing the gamut of sexual perversions and distortions. Those of us who call ourselves Christian or conservative need to ask God to forgive our nation for these two gross sins against Him. We need to repent as people who claim to be God’s children and ask Him to forgive us and stay this awful plague. He says, “If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive them, and will heal their land.”

We live in serious times! We cannot afford to assume everything will resume to normalcy and life will go on as before. We need to shoulder our responsibility as moral, sane human beings, repent for our nation, and seek God’s forgiveness. Perhaps God will stay the scourge that’s on us and spare our lives and our country. We must act NOW! Will you?

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance


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This elections this year in Prince William County are Federal elections. We will vote for our member in the House of Representatives and one of the two senators who represents our state in the Senate. First we will nominate the candidates. Then will have a General Election in November 2020.

This post focuses on the nomination races for the House of Representatives.  Two of the candidates running in the Republican Party’s nomination contest for the 10th Congressional District have responded to our questionnaire. Here is the Congressional survey transmittal letter 2020. See below for the responses. We thank these candidates for their responses and their willingness to frankly make their positions on these issues known to the electorate.

Note that there are three Congressional Districts that intersect the borders of Prince William County, the 1st, the 10th, and the 11th.

Congressional Districts in Prince William County (from here (

Democratic Party’s Nomination Process

1st Congressional District Candidates (contested nomination)

The two candidates above will compete in a primary election scheduled for June 9, 2020 (see

10th Congressional District Candidates (uncontested incumbent)

11th Congressional District Candidates (uncontested incumbent)

Republican Party’s Nomination Process

1st Congressional District Candidates (uncontested incumbent)

Rob Wittman – (Campaign Site)

10th Congressional District Candidates (contested nomination)

The candidates above will compete for the nomination at the Republican Party 10th Congressional District Convention. The convention is currently scheduled for May 30, 2020 (see Convention: 10th Congressional District, Republican Party of VA).

11th Congressional District Candidates

Here is the 11th District GOP Committee’s website. That website confirms Manga Anantatmula will be the Republican Party’s nominee and compete with Gerry Connolly in the General Election.


  1. Because of COVID-19, the scheduling of the Republican Party’s congressional district conventions is uncertain. Please check the party websites for current information, Prince William County Republican Committee Events Calendar.
  2. Whether in person voting will be allowed the June 9th Primary Elections is uncertain. Please review the guidance at Absentee voting may be the preferred option.
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Before the first rays of dawn crept through the window, Miriam picked up the earthen jug near the door and made her way to the town well. Already other women waited their turn, talking among themselves excitedly in hushed tones.

“Jesus is coming. Jesus is coming!” Her friend Ruth grabbed Miriam’s arm. “Are you going to hear Him?” she asked. “He heals, you know.”

Miriam’s heart leapt at the thought. If only she COULD go, but babies at home and a husband who needed her help in his leather shop held her back. “No, I won’t be going,” she replied. And then, in haste, she added, “But Caleb is going. I’m sure his father will let him go this once.”

She filled her jug with cool water, hoisted it to her shoulder and hurried to their tiny house. At the fire pit in the center of the room, she uncovered live coals and urged a flame to lick up twigs and small tinder, then added pieces of wood to heat the surrounding stones. Taking barley kernels, she ground them to a fine flour that worked up into cakes she baked on the hot granite.

Caleb stirred and dressed quickly. “Jesus is coming,” Miriam whispered, not wanting to waken the younger children. She handed him a small cloth bundle.

“I fixed you a lunch so you can go hear Him.” Caleb hesitated. “But the shop…?”

“I‘ll help your father in the shop today. Now hurry!” She pressed the package into his hand. “Just go!” she whispered with a smile.

He tucked the cloth inside his tunic above the sash. “Thank you, mother,” he said, kissing her cheek. “Thank you–very much!”

With a leap he was out the door, racing down the narrow street to join his friends. Miriam watched him run. What a fine young man he was! At 13 he already possessed a maturity and soberness that made him trustworthy, but he was still a boy lacking the experience of adulthood. And he was growing!! She hoped the packet she had given him would hold his appetite well enough to keep him in Jesus’ hearing all day.

The girls stirred and she turned to prepare their breakfast. Her husband, Seth, was already hard at work making harnesses for a camel train camped outside the village.

“Where is Caleb?” he asked, as he gulped down the hot bread and cool water she set in front of him. “He should have been in the shop by now.”

“Jesus is coming this way and I sent him along to hear Him. I hear such good things about Jesus, and Caleb needs good teaching in his life. I can work with you today!”

“You always come to the boy’s defense,” Seth muttered. “But you’re good help.” He smiled. “We must hurry to finish this job. The travelers are anxious to move on.”

All day Miriam worked beside him, taking time only to manage the children. She was almost as skilled as Seth was with the leather, though her hands weren’t as strong and couldn’t move quite as deftly. She and Seth had worked together until Caleb was old enough to assume more and more responsibility. He had learned quickly and gave Miriam time to mother the girls when they arrived.

Noon came and went, then the shadows lengthened. When she went to fill her jug again, not one person who had gone to hear Jesus had yet returned to town. Miriam thought that unusual. Surely somebody had felt the urge to come back, but even Caleb did not come home as she expected.

The evening meal was scant, but she made sure Seth and the girls had the greater portions. Her own she set aside for Caleb. He would be ravenous!

It was dusk. Seth had nodded off already and the girls were asleep before she heard Caleb’s footfall at the door.

As he crossed the threshold into the dimly-lit room, her eyes fastened on the large basket cradled in his arms.

“What do you have there?” She was puzzled.

Though barely visible in the last light of evening, a huge grin covered Caleb’s face. “Oh, Mother, it was glorious! Look what I brought home for you!” He thrust the basket into her arms. It was filled almost to overflowing with pieces of bread and fish.

Miriam nibbled a piece of the bread warily. It tasted familiar, just like her recipe.

“It’s from the lunch you fixed for me, Mother!” Caleb’s words tumbled from his lips. “Jesus prayed over it and then fed all the people who followed Him today. It was a huge crowd, too. We even had enough to eat until we were full!” His excitement stirred Seth, who stared in amazement at all the food.

“This is only some of what was left over.” Caleb took a deep breath. “It was amazing, it was amazing! I think you could call it a miracle!”

Feeding the multitudes by Bernardo Strozzi, early 17th century (from here (

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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