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Welcome to the website of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance (PWMFA). We are a grassroots organization of citizens of Prince William County and the independent cities of Manassas and Manassas Park, Virginia, dedicated to supporting and promoting the values inherent in the concept of family. Learn more about us.

Where they stand

  • The principal goal of the Family Alliance is to help Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park voters learn more about candidates seeking to represent them in public office. Our focus is especially directed at the County and City school boards, the Board of County Supervisors and Manassas and Manassas Park City Councils. We also concentrate on State legislative candidates with the aim of informing the voting public on where candidates stand regarding key issues affecting the family.Here are some of the projects we are currently undertaking:
    • We’re soliciting the positions of candidates seeking local public offices in both the General and Primary elections in the 2019 election cycle and publicize the results.
    • We maintain an active website ( to draw attention to school issues, elections and the need for Christian leadership on issues affecting the family.
    • We seek to build a network of church contacts throughout Prince William and the two cities (Manassas and Manassas Park) with the aim of promoting the institution of the family and an educated electorate.

Some of our Achievements

  • Led the successful campaign for the Marriage Amendment in 2006, carrying Prince William County and Manassas by a larger margin than statewide.
  • Led the successful fight against off-track betting in Manassas Park in 2004.
  • Distributed Voter Guides to Prince William County churches area.
  • Successfully promoted internet filtering in public libraries and abstinence-based family life education.

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Update: There is a copyright issue with the video. I think that surprised even some in the news media. Fortunately, this post includes a link to the text of the speech.

Update 2: Found a different version of the video. Not sure how long it will be out there. Stop the video and restart at the beginning. Barr’s speech runs about 38 minutes. There is some stuff at the end, and that is where the people who posted the video want you to start. Don’t know what it is or why it is there. Admittedly, I don’t have time to listen or read every aspiring talking head, and I immediately discovered I did not like either the humor and the language. I also prefer to debate the issues, not the nature of my political opponents. As the Apostle Paul said, none of us is good. Only God is good. So why bother?

The video below is shows Attorney General William Barr making a speech at Notre Dame University. Best copy I could find. I wanted the whole speech without distracting frills, and this was it. I don’t know anything about News Supreme, and I have not got anything to say about INFORWARS. All I know is that nothing is free. People use videos to advertise.

So why bother listening to the Attorney General?

I read The Washington Times regularly. So, I found out about Attorney General William Barr’s speech in this article, ‘Organized destruction’: William Barr blasts ‘militant secularists’ over assault on religion ( Since Barr is our Attorney General, I was curious if Barr had actually made such a speech. So I listened, and I thought it was great!

Prefer to read? Here is the text, Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers Remarks to the Law School and the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN ~Friday, October 11, 2019 (

Sadly, what Barr had to say actually is controversial. It should not be so, but it is. Think not? Read some of these commentaries.

I went out of my way to find commentaries critical of Barr’s speech. Many were laudatory, but those were in the relatively small number of Conservative publications. What many Conservatives did was complain about the Liberal Democrat reaction. What Liberal Democrats did was react angrily or ignore Barr’s speech. Generally, when the news is favorable to the Conservative cause, Liberal Democrats try to suppress it by ignoring it.

So did Barr say anything mean, bigoted, or untrue? Listen to or read his speech. Then consider that it is an important policy statement coming from the top guy in the Department of Justice. Is Barr advocating a theocracy or the protection of our most important First Amendment right? Listen carefully and then decide for yourself.  If you are a good citizen and you care about your family, friends, and neighbors, then you have a duty to listen to Barr’s speech. In addition, you have an obligation to share Barr’s speech with others.

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Quid Est Veritas? Christ and Pilate, by Nikolai Ge. (from here)

Transgenderism is a dialectical ploy of the Left being used to create compromise in our schools that results in the moral breakdown of our society. According to progressives today, dialectical thinking is all about ‘change’, how we perceive it, and how we get rid of prejudices and rigid thoughts. The argument that kids who are transgender (TG) should be allowed to use the bathroom and showers of their ‘gender identity’ uses dialectical thinking to win their case.

Listen to their reasoning:

Change is thought as a unity of the opposites… When a person opens up to the idea of change, he opens up to dialectical thoughts. (

According to the dialectical scheme, there is a thesis or statement of an idea; an antithesis or contradiction of the thesis, and then synthesis in which the thesis and antithesis are resolved through compromise. So, let’s break down this argument by example and see it at work:

Thesis: The gender of boys and girls is determined at birth, male and female, and natural modesty.

Antithesis: Some boys and girls believe they are the opposite gender but equipped with the wrong genitalia.

Synthesis: Because that is part of their reality and citizen right, transgender (TG) kids must be allowed to use the bathroom/shower room of the gender with which they identify.

…and with that compromise, morality, modesty and decency go down the drain for the majority of the school population…and the decay of our society decays, which is what the social engineers are after!

Dialectical reasoning was promoted by Immanuel Kant and Hegel, who were the first modern philosophers to propagate this form of thinking. Karl Marx later adopted this method of reasoning. Understanding that ‘opposites are, in fact, relative concepts’ is the gist of dialectical thought. By definition, relative means “existing or having its specific nature only by relation to something else; not absolute or independent” (

The Bible says of God that He does not change nor do the precepts contained in the Bible change. They are absolute. Our Constitution, original moral laws and system of government were based on the Bible. They are definite and founded on absolutes.

In the 60s, prayer and Bible reading were outlawed in the schools and our national scene. No God, no Bible means we no longer have absolutes by which to measure our behavior. Everything is subject to change as society changes. That makes every law, every policy, every decency relative or subject to change. To our detriment, relativism governs our thinking today.

With a frenzy, people want to throw off restraint and change our laws to suit their behavior. When a person opens up to the idea of ‘change’, he opens up to relativism and dialectical thinking. They reason as follows:

When we are brought up learning a particular line of thought (religion, for instance [my interjection]), or working in the same surroundings, or with minimum knowledge of the outside world, our thoughts are bound to be rigid. We are brought up to be biased. The mode of thinking which makes us break the shackles of rigid thoughts, and helps in achieving an ‘unbiased’ nature is, precisely, what can be termed as dialectical.   (

Is God rigid? Certainly, about principles that are absolute ad do not change. God says of Himself that He never changes. He is constant. He IS absolute! Is that why the Left and progressives consider believers in God and the Bible to be rigid and biased? You bet! And they’re out to change the principles, Biblical in origin, by which Americans govern our lives and society.

A front-line of attack on purity and morality is the whole scheme of transgenderism. It is a fallacy, defined as: “a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief” (

Romans chapter one describes the individual who rejects God and His absolutes and, therefore, adopts all sorts of sexual aberrations and perversions as a lifestyle and justifies their behavior.

Don’t be fooled by arguments that sound logical and persuasive. If they don’t stand up to the absolutes of the Bible, and the arguer wants to make radical changes to a principle founded on absolutes, refuse to accept the argument for it is false and salacious.

Think about this when you consider for whom you will vote on November 5th. Weigh carefully what candidates say and believe about important issues they would deal with in their prospective public office, particularly the school board. Probe their words by asking them pointed questions. Do not let proponents of dialectical ‘change’ represent you in any office of government. Vote carefully! Vote wisely—VOTE!

This is the first in a series of articles on the subject of transgenderism. Stay tuned for more to follow.

Revised for clarity

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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We live in an age of cultural warfare. Is there is anything especially unusual about that? No. Because governments have often suppressed Christianity with bloody violence, Tertullian is often quoted.

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. — (Apologeticus, Chapter 50, from here)

Still, because of the resistance of our government, modern Christians have great difficulty passing their faith — their beliefs — onto their children. The politicians who run our government-run schools have their own agenda, and it has become more and more obvious that many politicians consider Christianity a nuisance, a nonsensical, unscientific belief. Therefore, many Christians have sought alternatives to the public school system. Unfortunately, poor parents, especially poor, single parents don’t have a choice. They cannot afford to both help pay for the public schools and send their children to private schools.

Therefore, school choice advocates have had to fight for educational or school vouchers in the courts. What is the latest battle? King Solomon, Supreme Court to Rule on School Vouchers? describes the issues and links to news articles. What is the author’s opinion?

Christians need to pray for a favorable common sense solution will result from the upcoming court case and the rights of parents to decide what they want taught about their religious values instead of government values. Some values they may abhor but have no economic choice because of tax inequities of having to paying to support both public and private schools funding’s. (from here)

We need to confront a hard truth. School choice is a religious freedom issue. Just because we call our public schools secular does not mean the public schools do not impart religious values.

  • When we sent our children to school, we choose role models for our children. Our children copy their teachers and those we have put in authority over them.  Hence, our children adopt many of the religious values of their teachers.
  • When we sent our children to school, we endorse the curriculum and the worldview promoted by that school. When we put our children on a school bus, whether we like it or not, we have implicitly approved whatever our children are taught. Hence, our children learn a way of life — a approach to living — we may not actually approve.
  • When we sent our children to school, we give whatever school we choose more time to shape the character of our children than we are likely to have as parents. So, if the school we choose teaches beliefs we don’t agree with, we have great difficult countering those beliefs.
  • When we pay taxes, even if we have no children, we are responsible for what is done with our tax dollars to other people’s children.

Don’t we know an education is not about just heaping a bunch of facts and skills into a child’s little skull? Don’t we know that at school our children learn a way of life? If that way of life is contrary to Biblical teaching, then as Christians we must object.

Early Christians called Christianity The Way (see here), and Christians called themselves Followers of the Way (see here). Following the Way put Christians in direct opposition to the way of the Roman Empire. That happened because Christians chose to worship God instead of the Emperor, and the Emperor demanded their worship.

Who or what will your children worship? God? Or will it be sex, stuff, the state, or that person they see in the mirror? Who or what will our public school teachers instruct our children to worship? What will we allow our elected officials to do with our tax dollars? Take a stand. The election is on November 5,  2019. Please vote! If you won’t be available to vote on November 5, vote absentee. See

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King Solomon, Chicago Teachers Strike the Needed Impetus to …. REBLOGGED

Here is a post from a blog out of Chicago, King Solomon, Chicago Teachers Strike the Needed Impetus to …..

…promote badly needed school vouchers wisdom?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, what should Lightfoot do if teachers strike, reported the columnist suggestion: “That she can take one other step and use a magic word.”


The Purpose of This Post

Is to call attention to the inequities and follies of public-school education and taxation, especially for children in high crime poverty areas because of a number of factors to consider. (from here (

Are school vouchers a good idea? Well, there are powerful special interests that are adamantly opposed to the idea. As citizens and voters, should we listen to the special interests, or should we do what is best for our children and our country? Of course, we should do what is best for our childten and our country.

What is the best argument against school vouchers? Some foolish people will try to use school vouchers, taxpayers money, to set up schools that teach children things most Americans abhor. Unfortunately, we already have government officials teaching children things most Americans abhor. So, perhaps we ought consider whether parents will generally pick better schools for their children and get more value for our dollars.

It really comes down to this. Does the cost of putting politicians, people we don’t trust, in charge of the education of our children outweigh the benefit?

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On September 28th we held the Prince William & Manassas Family Alliance’s 2019 Fall Forum. The subject? Keeping radical sex education out of Prince William County. We videoed the event (broken up into four videos), and the videos are excellent. Our guests, Elizabeth L. Schultz, Meg Kilgannon, and Josh Hetzler, provided us firstrate presentations.

Josh Hetzler moderated the question and answer period and the brainstorming session. The question and answer period is in the video above. The brainstorming session is in the video below.

Have you seen the previous two posts in this series? No. Then check them out:

What was my takeaway from these videos? Elections have consequences. We each need to become knowledgeable about politics, and we each need to realize the importance of local politics. We can immediately see the relevance of who is president of the United States. Yet on a day-to-day basis, local politicians have a greater affect on our lives. When they speak of the policies set by our local school board, that is the point Schultz and Kilgannon drive home. School boards candidates, the folks at the bottom of the ballot, have great importance because we put the winners in charge of who teaches our children. Local school boards control what our children learn.

Who is more precious to us than our children? Don’t we want the best teachers and the best curriculum for our children? Don’t we want our children to grow up full of wisdom and understanding? Don’t we want our tax dollars to be used wisely? Even if we don’t have children in our local public schools, don’t we want our neighbor’s children to be well taught?

Then please listen to these videos, and please encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to listen to the videos. Then do a little more homework. Please learn what the candidates stand for and want to accomplish. Please vote!


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