It now appears very likely that the Senate Democrats will pass a health care bill.

The Senate is preparing for another key vote early Tuesday morning on Democratic health insurance reform, putting it one step closer to a final vote on Christmas eve and leaving fewer opportunities for alterations before it reaches President Obama’s desk.  (from here)

What is in the bill?  That has more than a few people confused.  The bill is huge, roughly 2000 pages, and it has been subject to extensive amendment.  For all practical purposes, only a few people have read it.  Given the anticipated timeline, we have little reason to believe most of those in Congress will have had time to read it before they vote on it.  If this is Congress’s idea of a Christmas present to their constituents, it is most certainly a strange one.

Because of what is known about the deal making involved, to get passage even this far suggests the bill involves some abominable hypocrisy.   The Wall Street Journal describes a bill chalk full of special deals.

Republicans criticized provisions such as an agreement pushed by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D., N.D.) to help hospitals in rural states; a deal on Medicaid payments won by Sen. Ben Nelson (D., Neb.); and help for a Superfund site in Libby, Mont., obtained by Sen. Max Baucus (D., Mont.), among others.


Several states — including Nebraska, Vermont and Massachusetts — won deals for more generous federal payments under the Medicaid program. “Who will pay for these special deals?” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) asked his colleagues. “The answer is simple — every other state in the union.”  (from here)

Because of Constitutional concerns over the bill, Delegate Bob Marshall has proposed an amendment to the Virgina Constitution.

To protect Virginians, I drew up HB 10 based on our natural rights of liberty and the contract power guaranteed by the Constitution. It provides: “No law shall interfere with the right of a person or entity to pay for lawful medical services to preserve life or health, nor shall any law impose a penalty, tax, fee, or fine, of any type, to decline or to contract for health care coverage . . . ”  (from here)

Marshall has detailed information on HB 10 on his website.

Concerned citizens should review Marshall’s proposal, HB 10, and consider supporting it. Marshall makes a strong case  that the Health Care Bill is unconstitutional and that the Virginia Commonwealth can and should fight it.

Other Views

The word is out on Marshall’s bill.

Roanoke Tea Party is preparing for the battle, 10th Amendment Fight! Prepping for January 18th. Plus a bus trip is available.

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Tertium Quids is running a series of supportive posts that carefully examine the logic of Marshall’s proposal. Expounding a Constitution is the latest.

The title of Blue Virginia‘s· post explains where it is coming from, Sideshow Bob” Marshall’s Latest Looniness.

The Virginia Politics Blog was one of the earliest to frame the issues involved in Marshall’s proposal, Marshall to propose ‘healthcare freedom’ constitutional amendment.

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