Now that he is our new Attorney General, Senator Ken Cuccinelli has left a vacancy in the Virginia’s 37th Senate District.  So we will have a special election on January 12th to replace him.  The candidates have already been nominated.  The race will be between Republican Steve Hunt and Democrat Dave Marsden.

A couple of days ago the FAMILYFOUNDATIONBLOG.COM wrote a post that voters in the 37th Senate District should read, Virginia News Stand: December 21, 2009.   These candidates offer voters dramatically different choices, and social issues promise to have a bearing on the race.

The Liberal news media will undoubtedly confuse the issue by focusing on social issues and trying to paint the Social Conservative in the race, Steve Hunt, as an extremist.  Here are some examples.

For all you Northern Virginia Democrats who’ve been insisting that last month’s Republican landslide was a fluke, here’s your chance to prove it.

Surely you can defeat a state Senate candidate who, as a Fairfax County School Board member in 2005, urged teaching children that homosexuality is a choice and a “very destructive lifestyle” and publicly described in detail his regret over failing to remain a virgin until marriage. (from here)

Abortion rights and antiabortion groups agree that the information in the fliers is misleading and outdated. Jane P. Fuller, executive director of the Assist Pregnancy Center on Backlick Road, said the pamphlets have been removed.

But NARAL Pro-Choice America and other abortion rights groups are using the brochures as part of a broader attempt to attack so-called crisis pregnancy centers and locally to paint Hunt, a former official of the pregnancy center, as an out-of-touch extremist, said Emily Polak, a NARAL spokeswoman.

Hunt served as president of the center’s board of directors from 2001 to 2006. In the volunteer position, Hunt said, he provided guidance on issues including fiscal oversight and outreach. The center is a 20-year-old, faith-based nonprofit group that provides free parenting classes and childbirth counseling to women, one of dozens in Virginia that abortion rights groups accuse of giving wrong information about the potential dangers of abortion. (from here)

Currently the Washington Post serves as the primary offender.  To gain a balanced perspective, we strongly urge that paper’s readers to consider alternative news sources.

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