On Wednesday evening last week, our president got up in front of Congress, the Supreme Court and the American People, and he gave a long speech.   Below is a video of the speech.  Here is the transcript.

Here is a look at what the various blogs about Virginia had to say about the speech.  At the end, I offer a few observations.

Reviewing the Reviews

Crystal Clear Conservative had Congressman Bob Goodlatte provide a guest post, Real Solutions to Restore Confidence in Our Economy.  What did the congressman observe?  Effectively, our president has no plan to restrain taxes or government spending.  In fact, higher taxes and increased spending seems to be Obama’s solution.

Our economy continues to face historic and unprecedented challenges. Meeting these challenges with unprecedented spending of taxpayers’ dollars is simply not the answer to this current crisis. I remain committed to working with the President and Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to focus on real solutions that will create American jobs and restore confidence in our economic future.

In “That was a step too far”, Virginia Virtucon cites an AP article that refers to this part of Obama’s speech. 

With all due deference to separation of powers, last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests, including foreign corporations, to spend without limit in our elections.

I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests or, worse, by foreign entities. They should be decided by the American people. And I urge Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps correct some of these problems.  (from here)

Yet the AP observes.

President Barack Obama and other critics say the court’s decision to let corporations spend their money to directly influence elections opened the floodgates to foreign involvement. In last week’s address to Congress and the nation, Obama asserted the court had allowed special interests, “including foreign corporations, to spend without limit on our elections.”

That was a step too far. At the moment, foreign corporations may not spend any money in U.S. elections under a provision of federal election law that was untouched by the high court.  (from here)

Perhaps that explains why Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. reacted with visibly suppressed anger to this portion of Obama’s speech.  See “Not true”: Alito mouths words as Obama hammers Supreme Court at A Catholic Notebook or Obama Attacks Supreme Court. Alito says,”Not True” at YankeePhil.  The Mason Conservative provides additional justification for Alito’s reaction in “Not True”.

In Not Climate Change Again……., Augusta Conservative lamented Obama’s reference to the weather.

Has anyone noticed how every time President Obama says, “Climate Change” we get blasted with snow?

In Barton Hinkle linked to Hot Air, Smash Mouth Politics observes the following.

Barton Hinkle go boom boom on President. President treat us stupid. Him talk down us peons. Him smart. Us stupid. Need HIM explain. Us no figure out what best for us. Go, Barton, go!

To get the full effect, read Hinkle: Talking Down to the Public Will Surely Work.

In Obama’s SOTU Address…Surgically Dissected, now at the podium gives way to The Humble Libertarian’s My Libertarian Notes on The Full Text of Barack Obama’s First State of the Union Address.  Perhaps the best way to summarize The Humble Libertarian’s attitude towards the speech is with this quote.

Wouldn’t you just love for Americans to be as scared and desperate as they were the day after 9/11? As willing now as they were then to let the government assume all kinds of unconstitutional powers and exercise unlimited authority? Don’t you just wish we were clamoring for our safety and willing to trade anything for your empty promise to keep us safe like we did with Bush? Yeah be honest- you really envy Bush. Never waste a good crisis, after all. Your own chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel said that didn’t he? Don’t you just wish you had such a juicy crisis upon which to predicate more expansion of executive power?

In Sabato on Obama, Fisherville Mike cited one of Virginia’s best known political commentators. 

Mr Obama’s mixed messages underline his need to please constituencies that are at odds — the moderates and liberals at war within the Democratic party, a handful of moderate Republicans he needs to achieve legislative success and the large group of independents who have voted against his candidates in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts and who threaten to deliver a drubbing to Democrats in the November midterm elections for Congress and state governorships. (from here)

Here in Beer goggle presidency Fisherville Mike cites Jules Crittenden.

This is beginning to look like the six beers and several shots presidency, where the voters eagerly went home with someone who looked pretty hot … and available! … in the darkness of that honkytonk Bush night. Can’t wait to see the polls, but I have to think at this point, beer goggles off, the president is starting to look coyote ugly even to those who loved him best, and they’ll be gnawing on their arms off to get out of his bed.

On the Right cites Keith Fimian, a candidate for Congress, email to his supporters, Keith Fimian responds to President Obama’s State of the Union Address.  Fimian says “it has to stop.”

“Tonight the President said he planned to make job creation and controlling wasteful spending a priority. I commend him for that and hope he carries through on his pledge. So far we have seen too many broken promises from this White House and members of Congress like Gerry Connolly. The problem is that the agenda in Washington is being driven by career politicians who cut their back room deals and leave taxpayers like you and me to pay for it all. Or worse, who borrow the money from China and obligate our children and grandchildren to pay it back. That’s just plain wrong and it has to stop.”

 Andrew Clem personally hacks through the speech in detail in Obama: “We can do it together”.  Nonetheless, at the end he cites Rush Limbaugh.

I happened to hear Rush Limbaugh’s take on the speech on Thursday afternoon, and it was about as brutal as you might expect: He sees Obama as a petulant, narcissistic man-child who can barely contain his rage at those who refuse to follow him. I don’t think I would go that far, and it will take years of study by psychologists and historians to come up with a clear assessment of Obama’s character and personality. Limbaugh did make an interesting observation, however: unlike most past presidents, Obama never really stopped to characterize the state of the union overall, other than to lament the continuing economic hardships.

Virginia Right has one of shortest and most pointed blog posts I have yet to see, Obama Pushes Money for High Speed Rail.  Since it is so short, here it is.

Very exciting news. We will now be able to move unemployed workers between jobless cities at unprecedented speeds.

Virginia Right provides a more detailed review here, State of the Union: A Speech to Nowhere.

With State of the Union and Response Post- Blog, RED NOVA took an interesting approach.  That blogger thought Obama’s speech unworthy of much attention.  So he focused on the Republican response.  In truth, our new governor, Bob McDonnell, gave an excellent speech.

Left of the Hill responded with one of the few reviews that even approached being positive, Video: Gerry Connolly Reacts to Obama’s State of the Union.  Left of the Hill wants health care reform passed as a means of fixing the deficit.  In the video, Connolly debates Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis (R).  Here in Obama Needs to Do More Than Just Mention DADT in a Speech Left of the Hill complains Obama needs to provide specifics on how he will end our military’s policy of “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell”.

Snapped Shot, in I’m Sure He’ll Blame Bush…, observes that Obama does not seem to know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

From On High, in That’s Not a Good Argument, takes issue with Obama’ contention that President George W. Bush governed as a free-marketeer.  Here in A Post Mortem On Obama’s Speech From On High quotes Peggy Noonan.

 The central fact of the speech was the contradiction at its heart. It repeatedly asserted that Washington is the answer to everything. At the same time it painted a picture of Washington as a sick and broken place. It was a speech that argued against itself: You need us to heal you. Don’t trust us, we think of no one but ourselves.

Coarsed Cracked Corn attacks Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s (VA-6) (see  Real Solutions to Restore Confidence in Our Economy) email in Look in the mirror, Bob by blaming Bush.

Rightside VA posted Obama threw out many dog bones…  Rightside VA also preferred McDonnell’s response.

The Virginian Federalist found itself especially irked with a particular portion of Obama’s speech.  With the Consent of the Governed provides a quote and a response.

“To Democrats, I would remind you that we still have the largest majority in decades, and the people expect us to solve some problems, not run for the hills.” That is, the President is telling the Congress that in writing and passing laws he supports, the opposition of the public should be ignored. What the President seems to have missed is the element of consent of the governed. Why should laws obnoxious to the public ever be enacted by their representatives?

Cathouse Chat observed Chris Matthews is an idiot – and probably a closet racist, too!

Yankee Phillip lists the Whoppers ! ! !  He references CALVIN WOODWARD over at AP,Fact Check’s The SOTU.

SWAC Girl also took direct issue with Obama’s truthfulness, Obama’s “Lies of the Union” address.  She begins thusly.

Unbelievable, pull-your-hair-out words came out of the mouth of Barack Obama during his “Lies of the Union” address before the American people Wednesday night.

United Conservatives goes through the speech point by point in Heritage Morning Bell-SOTU.  This post begins with this link A Speech Only Washington Could Love.

The Shad Plank in Left and Right angry over proposed “spending freeze” – Justice Alito “not true”… observes that Obama did not seem to make anyone happy with his speech.

Blue Virginia goes to CNN for positive reactions to Obama’s speech, Videos: Obama, McDonnell, Reaction to SOTU

We will Rock Dem provides Obama a small amount of positive feedback in State of the Union – Comments.

I watched the SOTU AND the response from Governor McDonnell tonight and a couple of thoughts come to mind: 1) Barack Obama continues to amaze me with his capable and humorous approach to what is clearly a legacy of economic ruin and mismanagement, and 2) Bob McDonnell has a heck of a haircut.

VA Social Conservative expresses unrelenting skepticism in Thoughts on the State of the Union Address.


Obama’s speech seems to have garnered very little support in the Virginia blogosphere.  By and large most political bloggers either did not believe him and doubted his ability to do what he claimed he would do. 

Several of the Conservative bloggers cited corporative new media sources such as the AP for fact checking.  Considering Obama’s dependence upon corporate news media’s support, one can only guess at the results if the news media follows its normal instincts for pack journalism.   Where the coverage of Obama has been almost uniformly positive, it could suddenly turn venemous.

Tom Salmon

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