When we review the news and check the budgets of the federal, state, and local government budgets, we hear groans of complaints over budget deficits.  Nonetheless, the average citizen must work until about April 13th to pay all of this year’s taxes (see America Celebrates Tax Freedom Day).  Why do our elected officials in Washington D.C. insist upon running trillion dollar deficits? The problem is in the mirror. We have not insisted that they cut unnecessary spending. If we want to avoid financial ruin, we cannot go on this way. We must speak up.

Can we stop the BIG SPENDERS? In Virginia and in New Jersey, we have new governors demanding balanced budgets.

 Although these men may be quite determined, they cannot balance their state budgets alone. They will face determined opposition from well-organized and well-funded special interest groups. If we want our government to behave responsibly, then we must behave as responsible citizens. The People in each state must let their governor know of their support. In addition, we must contact our state legislators and let them know we want spending cuts, not higher taxes.

In Virginia, here is who you need to contact.

–Tom Salmon

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