There have been many articles in the news media here of late about radicalized fringe groups threatening violence. Republicans worry about Democrats seizing too much power, using authority the Constitution has not given them. Democrats portray their Republican opponents as encouraging radicalism and terrorism, somehow even finding terrorism and bigotry at peaceful and patriotic Tea Party rallies.

What will all this violent talk lead?  No one knows.  However, a couple of days ago Vivian J. Paige provided the following warning.

This has to stop.


Before someone really gets hurt.

Because if someone gets hurt, the genie is out of the bottle. And we are all at risk.

We are in this together. Violence against one is violence against us all.

Stop it. (from here)

There are some decisions no one can make for us. We each must examine our own beliefs and do what our conscience bids us. However, hatred will buy us nothing. God made our universe to work a certain way. Experience has shown that hatred leads to certain self-destruction.

In uncertain times, the young should look to old for example and guidance. Senator Chuck Colgan is an old and courtly gentleman. Here of late he did something kind. Instead of seeking an excuse to castigate his opponent, he gave back a bit of honest praise. 

The General Assembly has just completed the process of producing a budget for Virginia. Because of our troubled economy, the General Assembly cut the budget back to 2006 levels. That prove to be a somewhat trumatic experience. Yet a Democrat leader in our state Senate still managed to find something positive to say about our Republican governor.

“He presented a very cooperative atmosphere,” Colgan told the crowd at the Montclair Country Club.

In fact, though the job McDonnell won in November gets him the honorific “His Excellency,” the Manassas area lawmaker said Virginia’s chief executive showed humility. He even visited the legislators’ office building in Richmond.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a governor in the General Assembly Building,” Colgan said.  (from here)

Instead of filling its pages with the usual bitter strife and rivalry, InsideNoVA.com also deserves our congratulations for filling us in on a bit of good news.

–Tom Salmon

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