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The House of Representatives today voted overwhelmingly to scrap funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business and ensure it can’t receive any federal funds through any departments or programs.

House members approved the Pence amendment on a 240-185 vote with 10 Democrats joining most Republicans to support de-funding the abortion business. Another 7 Republicans sided with almost all of the pro-abortion Democrats in the lower chamber in voting for the pro-abortion organization to receive taxpayer funds. (continued here)

Even if you see nothing wrong with abortion, you should see there is a problem. Yes, this House debate was about abortion. Yes, the House did vote against using taxpayer dollars to fund what many regard as killing babies.  Nonetheless, as important as the abortion debate may be, it is only a side issue. The real problem is the arrogance. What makes our leaders think they have the right to force taxpayers to take part in baby killing? Why is this debate even necessary?

At what point should the law respect the life of new human being? The matter is more complicated and wondrous than the tall tales we tell children. Is the beginning at conception? Birth? Graduation from high school? Do we really know? No. We can hold a debate. We can decide the point we will obligate our government to protect the rights of new human beings, but we may never know how to detect a new soul. So when some people abort their babies or murder their children, we can only guess what God thinks of the matter.

Therefore, we must ask a question. When there is so much uncertainty, why would anyone want to force taxpayers to fund baby killing? How did so many arrogant men and women get in charge of our government? Why do our leaders think it is their job to force their values upon their fellow citizens? How did we come to the sad state that we must worry whether or not our government helps to kill babies?

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