Not certain our voter guides are all you need. Below are some other places you can go. Note that we do not necessarily agree with the positions taken by these organizations. However, we do believe that to be informed is to be forearmed. With that qualification, we have provided links to voter guides that apply to elections around the Virginia Commonwealth.

Note that many of the folks that operate these guides will ask for your address. To some extent, that is a perfectly legitimate request. What is on your ballot depends upon where you live. Moreover, everything costs money, even the preparation of voter guides. However, since you probably don’t want all these websites requesting donation, where necessary and possible, I have posted a direct link.

Late Addition (11/02/2012)

Note that stating and standing by one’s opinion will draw fire, and Christian Coalition of America is a favorite target. Here are a few examples.

What is the proper response to such articles? Well, everyone has an agenda. So bias must be assumed. If you doubt the accuracy of a voter guide, check out some its claims. Just keep in mind that the critics also have their biases. Sometimes the accuser is the one who lies.

Note that you can find election information directly relevant to Prince William County at this webpage, 2012 GENERAL ELECTION IN PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY.

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