rivalryOn the Internet, one thing links to another. So it is that when I read John Boehner’s Compromise (Not So Much) On Obamacare (at Political Realities), I shortly thereafter found myself reading The Democrat Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Is At It Again! and Do We Have A Two-Party System or a One-Party System In America? (at Asylum Watch). What’s the issue? Here is how Do We Have A Two-Party System or a One-Party System In America? ends.

So, to any conservatives out there who still have hope of using the Republican Party to salvage our country, I say the following: if the House Republicans DO NOT vote down Obama’s desire for war or DO NOT vote to defund ObamaCare, then that should be proof enough that we DO NOT have a two-party system in America. Failure to vote down these two critical issues will be evidence that you couldn’t pass a laser beam between the Republicans and the Democrats. In that case, it will be more than time to throw the bums out!

Do we have a two-party system in a America? Technically, the answer is yes, but do we have a two-party system as a practical matter? I think the answer to that question is also yes.

When we look upon our political system, we all have tendency to look for simple answers to what seem like simple questions. As we get older, we begin to realize we cannot get our simple answers to work. Unfortunately, few both understand the cause and the nature of the problem. Instead of blaming ourselves, we choose to blame someone else. Instead of defining the problem as the sinful nature of man, we judge particular men and call them evil.

In fact, the vast majority of our elected officials are either Democrats or Republicans. We have two distinct parties, but these two parties, working in concert, have neutered their competitors. Since the devices they have used to do this are brilliantly subtle and vary from state to state, most of us (myself included) have great difficulty explaining how this monopolistic system works, but I think what it comes down to are these three things:

  • Ignorance. To deceive us, the major political parties rely upon our ignorance (That’s one reason we do not have school choice.). For example, in school didn’t our teachers preach the virtues of the two-party system, but what is so wonderful about the two-party system? Doesn’t each party seek to make us afraid of the other party? If after all the negative propaganda we still remain hopeful enough to vote, don’t we become afraid of wasting our vote? Don’t most states take great pains to “regulate” the political processes of private political parties? Yes. Do our laws truly allow for the possibility of a third party candidate participating in a runoff election? Where? When has it happened? Have we forgotten that the Republican Party exists only because Americans, determined to end slavery, created a third party to replace the Whig Party? That would appear to be the case.
  • Envy and Strife. How have we been deceived? We each vote for our personal self-interest, and the result is? Well, consider this irony. At the same time our leaders call for unity and end to political strife, they use our greed, lusts, and fears to pit us against each other. Doesn’t each party have an enemies list? Doesn’t each party blame the other for our national strife? Don’t we each fall for one or the other side’s propaganda? Therefore, instead of uniting to throw out greedy and ambitious politicians, don’t we hate and fight each other?
  • Pride. Because of our own pride, we want to be deceived. Because we want to believe in our own goodness, we believe man can perfect himself. Thus, when politicians pose government as the vehicle for the perfection of man (Some examples are programs for education and the end of poverty.), we believe them. Consider the absurdity. Who admits to trusting politicians? Nonetheless, we have given over to their care the education of our children, our healthcare, trillions of dollars, and so much more. If the fault is not in us, why? Doesn’t every day bring proof against their lies. Isn’t our news filled with the depravity of man?

So what is the answer? Only God can perfect a man. If we repent and accept the offer of His grace, He can and will perfect each of us (John 3:3-21).

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