TexasLove him or hate him, Texas’ new senator, Ted Cruz has stirred things up in Washington D.C. Check out Furloughed Texan Cruz supporters to America: ‘You’ve got to stand up’. Even though the article is in The Washington Times, the source is The Associated Press. Therefore, the article has the usual subtly Liberal bent (With all that Federal spending, how could those crazy Texans vote for Ted Cruz?). Nonetheless, whether the big spenders of taxpayer monies like it or not, the people of Texas have put a Conservative in the Senate.

HOUSTON — Thanks to Texas’ new senator, Dale Huls is out of a  job — at  least for now. Yet Huls has never been prouder that he voted for him.

“Without Ted Cruz this doesn’t happen,” said Huls, a NASA systems   engineer who was among roughly 3,000 federal employees furloughed from  Houston’s Johnson Space Center after tea party Republicans triggered the partial government shutdown.

“This is something Americans have to get used to,” said Huls.  “Even if it affects your livelihood, you’ve got to stand up.”

Perhaps more than anywhere else, Texas embodies the factors behind the  shutdown: big government and the rebellion against it.

The state is one of the richest beneficiaries of federal spending, with its  sprawling military bases, Gulf  Coast seaports, and nearly   2,000-mile border with Mexico, which help account for more than 131,500 full-time federal employees. Only California, Virginia and the District   of  Columbia have more. (continued here)

When we participate in the political process our votes can make a difference. Consider what Senator Cruz might say about Dale Huls. Would it sound like this?

Without men and women like Dale Huls, this doesn’t happen. Without supporters like Dale Huls I would not have a seat in the Senate.

On November 5th, we in Virginia will have an election. So please study the candidates, support those who share your values, show up at the polls, and vote your values.

Other Views

Of course, not everyone agrees with Senator Ted Cruz.

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