crossIn 2009, Steve Deace wrote We get the leadership we deserve. Because what he wrote contains such a harsh indictment of the 2008 election, we may choose to agree or disagree. We may even choose to regard much of what Deace wrote as a worthless diatribe. However, as Christians we cannot ignore the one unmistakable truth in what Deace wrote. God is sovereign.

Most Americans, and most Christians, believe that when they go to vote in elections they are actually determining who their leaders will be.

The problem with that notion is that biblically nothing could be further from the truth.

The Psalmist says “the heart of the King is in the hand of the LORD” and that God “is the great king of all the earth.” In the New Testament, both Paul and Peter affirm that there is no authority on earth except that which God establishes.

When you accept the truth of what the Scriptures teach on God’s sovereignty over the earth, you will come to two conclusions as a citizen:

  • A Christian’s civic duty is to be obedient to God no matter what the outcome, since God is sovereign over the outcome anyway.
  • We get the very leaders we deserve.

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Deace ends his article with these words:  “Now they’re getting they very leader they deserve.” How I wish I did deserved better the leaders we have. How I wish “Now they’re getting the very leader they deserve,” but the people who lead our country, our state, and our county lead me too. God says I too deserve them.

Because every single one of us sins, every single one of us needs to repent and acknowledge the sovereignty of God. We must all forever strive to be a better and more Godly. Because the solution to every problem begins with God, we must use each problem we encounter as a reminder to repent and turn to Him.

Therefore, if we want Godly leadership, then we must pray for Godly leadership, and we must support Godly leaders. And we must go to the polls and vote for Godly leadership. Otherwise, He will give us the leaders we deserve.

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