tiredOops!       😳

And then some embarrassment. I wish I had not done that.    😦

Over the last several days I have been correcting almost as many of my own mistakes as I have been adding new material. That I must admit is a personal problem. I have always been a bit error prone. In the popular vernacular, the term is klutz.

Unfortunately, I unintentionally aggravated the problem. For years, I have enjoyed jogging. Enjoy? Well, maybe not, but for health reasons I do exercise, and jogging is what I prefer.  Due to increasing age my knees have started complaining. So for a couple of years I had to stop. Fortunately with some shoe changes and the decision to stay off sidewalks and road surfaces, I have been able to resume jogging. But a good long run does make me more tired than I expected, even a little stupid with fatigue.  So instead of trying to write (and making stupid mistakes) I need to rest, but I didn’t.      😳

Again, my apologies.

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