Declaration of IndependenceToday the Supreme Court refused to consider a slam dunk case. Here is one version of the story.

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Same Sex Marriage Cases

In a major surprise, the United States Supreme Court has said today that it will not hear any of the seven same-sex marriage cases that were pending before the court, leaving the decisions of three US Circuit Courts of Appeal to stand—for now—as the law in the affected states.

In each of the seven cases seeking review before SCOTUS, the federal circuit appellate courts had sided with lower court decisions that had struck down state laws prohibiting gay couples from marrying. However, each of these decisions came with a stay—blocking the states involved from permitting gay marriages to go forward until the Supreme Court had the opportunity to weigh in on the question.

Now the Court has decided not to hear the cases, the decisions of these appellate courts will stand as the law, the stays will be lifted and gay marriage will be legal in each of the five states—Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Indiana—where the bans had been struck down. (continued here)

Thus, same-sex marriage is now legal in Virginia. Should we have been surprised? In retrospect, probably not. We have not been respectful of our blessings; we have not made sufficient effort to understand them.

What is the founding document of this nation? Upon what principles was the United States established? Are these principles in The United States Constitution? No! If we read the Declaration of Independence, in that document we will find them. In that document thirteen American colonies declared that God, not the king or any assembly of men, gives us our rights.

Why did that declaration make such huge difference? The Founders understood the difference between God-given rights and the “rights” given to us by our rulers. When God gave us our rights, He gifted them to us without any strings attached. Moreover, He gave of Himself. He did not take from some people to give to other people. When our rulers give us our “rights,” we cannot trust them. Our rulers are only ambitious men and women. Except for what they take from our neighbors, our rulers have nothing to give us. At best, when we elect honorable men and women, our rulers can only help us to protect our God-given rights.

Nevertheless, we have elected too many politicians who have promised us too many of other people’s things. So now they lead us into envy, strife, and division. Instead of protecting our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they insist we murder the unborn, strip God from the education of our children, and burden us with taxes and debt.

Just consider the absurdity. What is marriage? Is it not an institution designed to help us raise our children with both a responsible mother and a father? If that is the case, how can two people of the same sex be married? That is as silly as a square circle. Just the same, judges, supposedly just interpreting the Law, have found a right to same-sex marriage in laws written by men who never imagined any such thing.

There is only one solution. We must turn to our Lord and beg His forgiveness. Then we must demonstrate our repentance. Instead of voting for politicians who promise us more government benefits, we must vote to protect each other’s God-given rights, particularly from scheming politicians.

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