crossWith the legalization of same-sex “marriage,” what opponents predicted has already begun to happen. What is the latest taboo to fall?  New York appeals court unanimously OKs some incestuous marriages from Life Site News.

The New York state Court of Appeals has trimmed back a state law banning incestuous marriages, allowing an uncle and niece to marry one another. The decision allows the woman, a Vietnamese immigrant, to avoid deportation.

Huyen Nguyen, 34, married her 38-year-old uncle Vu Truong in 2000. She also became a conditional permanent resident of the United States.

Six years later, she applied to become a permanent resident of the United States based on her marriage to Truong, who is a U.S. citizen. Since the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act, the U.S. government has given preferential treatment to relatives of American citizens. (continued here)

What is the problem with not making about children, about the proper way to raise children? If marriage is not for the sake of children, then marriage no longer exists to protect children.

What does marriage become if it is not for the sake of children? Then instead of being anything approaching a holy or sacred institution, marriage just becomes a means of legal authorization (social approval) for the exploitation of children.  For reasons we should not have to explain, Christians have frowned upon family member regarding each other as potential sex partner. Hence, we have a taboo against incest.

Do you care about the future of the family? Then please VOTE!

For information on the candidates, here is  a start. Check 2014 ELECTIONS.

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