Here is a video about the affect of our government’s approval of same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts. Is it a herald of things to come? That depends.

You think your children are your responsibility? You think you have the right to determine what your children are taught? Do you also think the public schools are your schools? Well, that’s not exactly true. The public schools are government-run schools. What the government does depends upon power and influence. If those with power and influence want children taught something in the public schools, that is what your children will be taught.

Here is a news article written on the court decision, Court Rules Schools Can Teach Homosexuality Without Parents Consent or Choice to Opt Out (

Here is the appeals court decision.

Here is the status of Massachusetts law on same-sex “marriage”.

Here what passes for sex ed in Massachusetts.

As these article indicates, In Massachusetts, no one wants to talk about sex ed and Sex ed in Mass. overdue for an overhaul, “Massachusetts is one of 26 states where there is no requirement to teach sex education in public schools”. Still that does not seem to stop the government from teaching stuff parents don’t want their children taught.

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