NEWS AND OPINIONS — March 5, 2019

Reading the newspaper: Brookgreen Gardens in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. (from here)


Illegal immigration at worst rate since 2007 (, 5 Mar)

D.C. statehood to be voted on in the House for the first time in a quarter century (, 5 Mar) — There are constitutional issues with making Washington D.C. a state (see Article IV, Section 3 of The United States Constitution). If taxation without representation is the issue, the obvious compromise is to return the residential areas in Washington D.C. back to the state of Maryland. Otherwise, if Washington D.C. is made a state, the balance of power between Democrats and Republicans will be altered. Since Washington D.C. is largely a Democrat stronghold, making Washington D.C. a state will give the Democrats a couple of new Senators.

Teen who defied mother to get vaccinated tells Congress there are not two sides to the issue (, 5 Mar)

Planned Parenthood sues Trump administration over abortion ‘gag rule’  (, 5 Mar)

Should Prince William School Board members get a raise?  (, 5 Mar) — School Board member put in a lot of hours for very little money.

Mitch McConnell says Senate will block Trump’s emergency declaration; veto likely (, 4 Mar)

In a Virginia school, a celebration of transgender students in a kindergarten class (, 3 Mar)

Cost to eliminate school trailers climbs to $174 million in Prince William County  (, 2 Mar) — This seems primarily due to the increase in the number of students.


Westboro Stunt Backfires: Danica Roem Raises Thousands for 13th District Campaign (, 2 Mar) — The Westboro Baptist Church is a weird cultic group that almost any politician would love to have as an enemy. Since the group hates just about everybody, almost any politician can claim to have them as an enemy. Here are several articles about them.

Candidates set for April 9 Neabsco District supervisor’s race (, 1 Mar)


Should the Peace Cross even be before the Supreme Court? (, 5 Mar)

Sen. Rand Paul says government should not force people to receive vaccinations (, 5 Mar)

The Party of No (, 3 Mar) by Everett Piper

Editorial: We need more refugees, not fewer (, 2 Mar)

EDITORIAL: A tax increase by any name…  (, 1 Mar)

Exposing the obscenity of infanticide (, 28 Feb) by Tammy Bruce

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