NEWS AND OPINIONS — March 14, 2019

Reading the newspaper: Brookgreen Gardens in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. (from here)


12 GOP senators rebuke Trump, vote with Dems to block border emergency (, 14 Mar) — This is a good indication of the power of political donors. Congress gave the president the power to declare an emergency, but did not anticipate a president who might want to end illegal immigration. If the Supreme Court agrees with Trump’s lawyers, that will be our good fortune. Still, this is a short-term fix. To break the hold of political donors on our leaders, we have to participate in the election process. That includes helping to nominate candidates and financing their campaigns with lots of small donations.

Trump declares he will veto Senate resolution nixing his emergency declaration (, 14 Mar) — Should Congress have given the president the power to declare a national emergency and reallocate funds? Well, it probably should not take a two thirds majority to stop him, but that’s what they did.

The 55 parents arrested in the college admission scandal (, 14 Mar)

PWCS School Board Give Big Raise to Next Year’s Board (, 14 Mar)

Prince William School Board poised to give itself a raise (, 14 Mar)

Hollywood actresses, college coaches indicted in admissions bribery case (, 12 Mar)


Opinion | The world is dying and you can save it (, 14 Mar) — Here is an example of a young person repeating by rote what he has been taught.

COMMENTARY: Will Sen. McConnell block pro-democratic election reforms?  (, 13 Mar)

But… But… The Narrative! (, 13 Mar) — Do predominantly white school districts spend more money than predominantly black school districts? Not in Virginia.

Rep. Wexton: “Let’s extend the full promise of this nation to every LGBTQ American. Let’s pass the Equality Act now.” (, 13 Mar) — Rep. hang the transgender flag in front of her office.

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