NEWS AND OPINIONS — March 18, 2019

Reading the newspaper: Brookgreen Gardens in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. (from here)


Supreme Court rejects appeal from bed and breakfast owner who refused gay couple (, 18 Mar) — Support fornication or get sued?

DHS on track to nab 100,000 illegals at border this month (, 18 Mar)

Roy Blunt kicked from GOP event over border wall emergency vote (, 18 Mar)

Manchin questions impact of transgender rights bill on local schools (, 18 Mar)

Lillie Jessie Responds to Reimbursement Controversy: ’45 Years of Honest, Hands-On Leadership’ ( 17 Mar) — This and the next article (below) are about an emotional brouhaha over a relatively small amount of money. These articles demonstrate how distracting the politics on the School Board can be from getting children properly educated.

PWCS Board Members Clash Over Travel Reimbursement Policy (, 17 Mar)

Students to be sent info about new PWC school boundaries and plans for 2019-20 school year (, 15 Mar) — Read to see if you will be affected.


Don’t fall for the ‘Equality Act’ (, 18 Mar) — Another attack on religious liberty.

The American Family Act answers the question: What are we waiting for? (, 18 Mar)

Guest column: Keep energy policy politics out of the courts (, 17 Mar) — Editorial by a former Delegate, Jackson Miller.

FORUM 2: No: It would make every vote unequal (, 16 Mar) — This is about an end-run around the Constitution. Instead of your vote being counted, other people’s will be counted instead of your vote.

The Supreme Court should not help undermine the will of Virginia voters (, 15 Mar)

EDITORIAL: A new start for State Board of Elections (, 14 Mar)

EDITORIAL: College admissions process has been scandalous for awhile (, 16 Mar) — Here is an article that equates the folks who were breaking the rules and engaging in illegal activity with the favoritism private colleges have always shown towards the big donors who help fund them. Kind of dumb, but that is what Socialism is about. Your money is my money.


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