Since Robert G. “Delegate Bob” Marshall, the author of Reclaiming the Republic: How Christians and Other Conservatives Can Win Back Americawill be the keynote speaker at our spring fundraiser (see Prince William & Manassas Family Alliance (PWMFA) 2019 Spring Fundraiser), let’s review Marshall’s book and get a taste of what to expect.

Every generation engages in some great conflict over ideas and beliefs. Often the conflict proceeds quietly. Then the popular mythology likens those chewing upon the foundational beliefs of a society to termites. Occasionally, as the defenders of the status quo realize the danger, conflict arises. Then each side declares its allegiance, and the People begin to hear rumors of war.

Today we live in turbulent times. We often see angry arguments over two distinctly different ideologies. Arguably the termites have take over. That is, our ruling elites no longer represent the People or the traditions of our nation. Hence we find ourselves in a quandary. Just how dire is the situation? What are our traditions? Are they worth fighting for? How?

Part 1 of Marshall’s book speaks to the traditions of our nation and the attack upon those traditions. Here he identifies what the conflict is about and what we risk losing. Here we can learn why “I” must do something. In part 2, Marshall explains how we can fight back. Here we each can discern how “I” can do something.

So what makes Marshall’s book in particular worth our time? Politics is an important but deceptively complex subject. Politics seems simple, but it is not. We each have our own opinions because we have difficulty discerning the truth with respect to political matters. So those who care argue endlessly. Hence books similar to Marshall’s, handbooks for political activists, are not unusual. However, few are written by someone like Marshall, someone with a lifelong experience promoting Conservative policies. Because he has fought and won many difficult battles, Marshall is an expert by any measure. Moreover, he has written a thoughtful book, not just a political diatribe. His practical advice alone makes his book well worth reading.

What is to come? In the weeks to come we will do a chapter by chapter appraisal of Marshall’s book. Meanwhile, please check out the publisher’s description.

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