Reading the newspaper: Brookgreen Gardens in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. (from here)


Mitch McConnell passes health care replacement back to Trump (, 29 Mar)

Trump vows ‘closing’ border to punish Mexico for illegal immigration (, 29 Mar)

Obama DHS secretary says border crisis is real: ‘I cannot begin to imagine’ 4K apprehensions per day (, 29 Mar)

Christian anti-abortion chain gets family planning funds under new Trump administration rules (, 29 Mar)

Democrats replace POW/MIA flags with transgender equality flags to protest Trump (, 29 Mar)

92 percent of illegal immigrant families ignore deportations, Lindsey Graham says (, 28 Mar)


Look at the science and stop the march toward legalized marijuana (, 29 Mar)

This Supreme Court ruling on a death row inmate is a win for religious liberty, but what about similar cases? (, 29 Mar)

The happiest marriages are the more traditional ones (, 28 Mar)

Why this transgender man sued a Catholic hospital for refusing to do a hysterectomy (, 28 Mar)

Save the world, have more babies (, 27 Mar)

ACLU and Michigan AG combine forces to tell Catholic adoption agency ‘You can’t do that’ (, 26 Mar)


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