We have started distributing our voter guides to help the Republican and Democratic Parties select their nominees. Our goal is to get the candidates on the record with respect to issues that affect the family.

Thus far we have had great success. In support of the Republican Firehouse Primaries (scheduled for May 4th), we have received completed candidate surveys from all but one of the candidates in the contested races. Check the following links for the latest.

We are now in the process of distributing printed versions of our voter guides for the Republican Firehouse Primaries to local area Christian churches.

Would you like to help? Here is what you can do.

  • Take a moment to read our candidate surveys and voter guides. Is this information helpful? Don’t you want voters to know about the upcoming Republican and Democrat nominating elections? Don’t you want voters to know where the candidates stand on the issues? Then encourage your pastor to make the printed copies of our voter guides available.
  • Do you intend to participate in either the Republican or Democratic nominating elections? Do you have friends who intend to participate? Then please print copies of our voter guides and give them to your friends.
  • On June 11th we will have primary elections in support of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. Since the Republican Party is using firehouse primaries to select most of its candidates, the candidates participating in the June 11th primary election will mostly be on the Democratic ballot. If you are voting in the Democratic primary election and you want to know where the candidates stand, please ask the candidates to fill out and return our survey/questionnaire. If you let them know you care, they will care.
  • Finally, please contact the candidates who filled out our survey and let them know you appreciate their honesty.
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