A firehouse primary is a party-run operation. So the Chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee (PWCGOP) is responsible for reporting the results. Here is the email Bill Card, the Chairman, sent out last evening.

Prince William County, Manassas,and Manassas Park Firehouse Primary Results

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                              May 4, 2019

Contact: 703-680-7388

Prince William GOP Announces Primary Winners For Supervisor, Commonwealth’s Attorney

Mike May, John Gray, Yesli Vega, Pete Candland, and Doug Taggart Win Party Canvass

WOODBRIDGE, VA – The Prince William County Republican Committee today announced the winners of the Party nomination election for Board of County Supervisors and Commonwealth’s Attorney. The nomination method chosen by the Committee was a Party Canvass, also called “Firehouse Primary,” which takes the place of a government-run primary and is designed to allow Republicans to select the nominees that will appear on the ballot in November.

“Today, Republicans came out in large numbers all across the county to nominate a diverse ticket of individuals who have been invested in our community and are dedicated to bringing positive results for the people of this County,” said Committee Chairman Bill Card. “Our Republican ticket is unified and focused on reducing traffic congestion, bringing high-paying jobs to Prince William, and reducing classroom sizes and supporting teachers.”

Party Canvass Results:

Commonwealth’s Attorney

Michael C. “Mike” May           3335 (57%)   **winner**
Timothy M. Olmstead             2522 (43%)

Board of County Supervisor Chairman

John S. Gray                                 3158 (57%)    **winner**
Martin E. “Marty” Nohe          2422 (43%)

Coles Board of County Supervisor

Yesli Vega                                  1333 (81%)    **winner**
Patrick Sowers                         308 (19%)

Potomac Board of County Supervisor

Douglas S. Taggart                  347 (51%)  **winner**
Davon A. Gray                           333 (49%)

Gainesville Board of County Supervisor

Peter “Pete” Candland            881 (73%)  **winner**
Ray Mizener                               324 (27%)


This firehouse primary serves as fine example of American volunteerism. Instead of just complaining about the way the government runs primary elections, the PWCGOP ran its own primary and nominated its candidates without government assistance. Did voters have to wait in line? Yes, but most seemed pleased to see the large turnout and thanked the volunteers for their efforts. Thus, the participants hailed the firehouse primary as a success.

There is a subtle lesson here. Is it about party politics? No. It is about attitude. We cannot control the weather.  We cannot control how our neighbors will vote. We cannot look into the future and foresee the outcome of uncertain events. We can, however, control our own attitude. We can be thankful.

Thanks are justly due for things got without purchase. — OvidAmorum (16 BC), I, 10, 43. (from here)

A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues. — Cicero, Oratio Pro Cnæo Plancio. XXXIII. (from here)

Whether we are a Democrat or a Republican, we should make certain we thank everyone who participated. That includes ALL the candidates, party officials (all volunteers), and all the people who took the time to study the candidates and vote. When the time comes for the general election, we will have all these people to thank for the quality of the candidates on the ballot.

Here are some news reports and various views about the outcome of the 2019 Republican Firehouse Primary.


Here are the Results of the May 4, 2019 Republican Firehouse Primary broken down by voting location.

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