We are now entering the last days before the June 11th Primary Election. Are you ready Check out pwcvotes.com.  They have Sample Ballots for 2019 June Primary. This shows the number of different ballots the Prince William County Office of Elections will produce. Why so many? The boundaries for the State Senate Districts, House of Delegate Districts, and the Magisterial Districts don’t have anything to do with each other. Magisterial Districts just have to be within the boundaries of the county. So which ballot is your ballot? Which candidates are on your ballot? Are you even registered to vote?

Because of the Internet, it is easy to check your registration status. Just go to pwcvotes.com.  That website provides a link, Checking and Updating Your Registration Information (Name and Address), to the Virginia Department of Elections. Here you can can verify your registration status or register to vote.

NOTEMay 20th is the last day to register before the June 11th primary.

Once you are registered, you will be shown a voter information web page. That web page displays where you vote (your polling precinct), your magisterial district, your House of Delegate District, and your State Senate District. Once you have that information, you can decide which of the Sample Ballots for 2019 June Primary is your ballot.

Because Prince William County Republicans held their own firehouse primary (see  RESULTS OF THE 2019 PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY FIREHOUSE PRIMARY WITH A MINOR UPDATE), only a few Republican candidates will participate in the June 11th primary. Except for the 13 Senate District, all of the ballots will be Democratic ballots.  That is, except for folks in the 13 Senate District, the only choice will be a Democrat ballot.

Who is running in Prince William County in the June 11th Primary election? I have a list below. When available, I have provided links to their websites. More detailed contact information for the candidates is available at the Virginia Department of Elections. See the lists under June 11, 2019 Primary Elections at this web page, Candidate Lists & Referendums. In addition, more information may be available at the following party websites.

Democratic Party Candidates


Commonwealth’s Attorney


Member Senate of Virginia 28th District

Member House of Delegates 50th District

Member House of Delegates 52nd District

Member House of Delegates 87th District

Member Board of Supervisors Coles District

Member Board of Supervisors Neabsco District

Member Board of Supervisors Occoquan District

Member Board of Supervisors Woodbridge District

Republican Party Candidates

Member Senate of Virginia 13th District

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