In this post we will begin our examination of Part 2 of Robert G. “Delegate Bob” Marshall new book, Reclaiming the Republic: How Christians and Other Conservatives Can Win Back America. Here is our progress thus far.

  • First Post: We introduced the book.
  • Second Post: We reviewed the prefatory material.
  • Third Post: We summarized the first two chapters of Part 1 of Marshall’s book, Think Like the Founders.
  • Fourth Post: We summarized the last three chapters of Part 1 of Marshall’s book.

In this post we will summarize the content of the first three chapters of Part 2 of Marshall’s book, The Playbook: Terms, Strategy, and Tactics. What do these chapters have in common? They are for legislators.

Chapter 6 – Strategy and Tactics for Legislators Or How to Protect Ourselves Through the “Power of the Purse”

Marshall begins this chapter with a quote from James Madison.

This power over the purse may, in fact, be regarded as the most complete and effectual weapon with which any constitution can arm the immediate representatives of the people, for obtaining a redress of every grievance, and for carrying into effect every just and salutary measure. – Federalist Papers, No. 58, 1788

In Part 2, Marshall seeks to show us how to put into practice the title of Part 1, Think Like the Founders. Without money, our opponents cannot implement their agenda. Thus, Chapter 6 begins by referring our legislators in Congress to relatively recent historical examples of how their predecessors, both Liberal and Conservative, checked the ambitions of their opponents using the power of the purse. The examples range from military funding for the Vietnam War to banning funds for abortion. Marshall demonstrates how members of Congress have implemented these strategies in the past, and he observes that state legislators can implement similar strategies.

Chapter 6 includes specific legislative proposals designed to protect religious freedom and  prevent compulsory acceptance and compliance with LGBTQ agenda by choking off the money.

Chapter 7 – Legislation and the Art of the Possible Or A To-Do List for Legislators 

Whereas Chapter 6 focused upon mitigating the affect of bad legislation by cutting off the money needed to implement it, Chapter 7 focuses on the legislation of new laws designed to mitigate the affects of bad laws. Marshall makes it clear that bad laws need to be repealed, but when the votes are not there for outright their repeal, Conservative legislators still need to do what they can.

Specific proposals include:

  • The Exposure of Abortionists to Civil Liability
  • The Prohibition of Abortion for Sex Selection
  • The Collection of Abortion Complication Data
  • A Ban on Force or Coerced Abortion
  • A Ban on Tax Monies for Abortions
  • A Ban on Tax Monies for Groups that Perform Abortions
  • A Provisional Reversal of Roe V. Wade (at the state level given the Supreme Court reverses itself)
  • Direct Challenges to Roe V. Wade
  • Retaining State Marriage Laws and Amendments
  • Protecting Family Life Education Programs in the Schools
  • A Federal Marriage Amendment

Additional Notes

Marshall’s proposals do not require immediate passage. The immediate goal is to get politicians on the record so we can replace politicians who don’t protect our rights.

For those who have yet to see it, here is the presentation Bob Marshall gave the PWMFA’s spring fundraiser.

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  1. Marshal’s plan to control money is not going to work if the dems sell their latest economic.theory. MMT to gullible lvoters.

    If interested, check out my recent post on the Magic Money Tree.

    Regards and goodwill blogging

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