Who responded to our candidate surveys, that is, the questionnaire we sent to candidates seeking the votes of Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park voter in the June 11th primary election? Unfortunately, we did not get many takers, and that is  puzzling. We did quite well with the candidates running in Republican Party’s Firehouse Primary.

Note: We did send different questionnaires (surveys) to candidates running for different offices. However, whether Republican or Democrat, all the candidates running for the same office get the same list of questions. In addition, we expect to use the same questionnaires we used in the primary elections for the general elections.  Our survey questions are not designed to favor any political party.

So who responded to our surveys in the June 11th Primary Election?

Democratic Party Candidates


Commonwealth’s Attorney


Member Senate of Virginia 28th District

Member House of Delegates 50th District

Member House of Delegates 52nd District

Member House of Delegates 87th District

Member Board of Supervisors Coles District

Member Board of Supervisors Neabsco District

Member Board of Supervisors Occoquan District

Member Board of Supervisors Woodbridge District

Republican Party Candidates

Member Senate of Virginia 13th District

  • Geary M. Higgins: Survey results from Geary M. Higgins.
    Note: With respect to question 21, Geary M. Higgins initially marked his survey as undecided. What is question 21?

    21. Update Virginia’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to apply in disputes between private parties (currently applies only to public-private actions).

    Higgins wanted more information on the reason for the question. So we provided his campaign a link to this article, After court rulings, legislatures address religious liberty – one way or the other. With the clarification that article that article provided, Higgins wanted us to let the voters know that he too supports updating Virginia’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to apply in disputes between private parties.

    Tuesday, May 21, 2019 6:49:43 AM email

    Please put me down in support of question 21.

    Thanks for following up.


  • Ron A. Meyer, Jr.: Did not respond.

So why did so few of the June 11th Primary Election candidates respond? Well, we could speculate, but that risks changing the subject. Instead wondering why the candidates did not respond, some voters might start wondering about the accuracy of or the bias in our theories. Instead of criticizing the PWMFA or the candidates, perhaps we should wonder why we as voters don’t insist upon getting answers.

Do the members of PWMFA have a right to demand that candidates answer our surveys? No, but we as voters should insist that candidates be forthcoming on the issues that matter to us. If we don’t know what a candidate will do if he or she wins the election, then why are we voting for that person? Is not the foolishness of supporting candidates who hide their intentions obvious? Therefore, we encourage voters to carefully examine where the candidates stand on the issues. Which candidates are most open about where they stand on the issues? Which candidates are trustworthy enough to be believed?

The PWMFA does not endorse the candidates who respond to our surveys, and we do not condemn the candidates who do not respond. We do, however, believe voters should press candidates for answers and reward candidates they find forthcoming.

If you support the PWMFA, then please call the candidates you are considering giving your vote. Ask those candidates to respond to our questionnaire on their website. Otherwise, please consider asking those candidates your own questions or referring them to another organization whose cause you do support. Whatever you do, please don’t vote blindly.

Tomorrow we will have more to say about this subject. Please stand by.

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  1. Why am I not surprised at the results of the number of responses?

    Wonder how many u would receive if sent to voters in your district?


    Regards and goodwill 6

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