On Friday we started distributing a voter guide for the June 11th Primary Election. Here is a link to a printable copy, 2019-05-24 Voter Guide 13th Senate GOP with backside containing Democrat info. We invite you to download a copy. Please let your friends know about this election and where the candidates stand.

What does our guide look like? Here is the front side.

June 11th Voter Guide for the Republican Race in the 13th Senate District

Here is the backside.

Disclaimer for the June 11th Primary Election

We sent questionnaires to all the candidates, but we cannot control whether a candidate will choose to respond. When none of the candidates competing in a race choose to respond, we don’t have much to put in our voter guide. That, however, does say something. If a candidate does not answer our questionnaire, it says that for some reason he or she does not want to take the time to answer our questions.

As a voter, what should you make of a candidate’s refusal to answer our questionnaire? Depends. Candidates have many options to give and explain their positions on the issues, and replying to our questionnaire is only one of those options. Therefore, we hope you will research the candidates and take the time to verify the candidate you vote for has addressed the issues that concern you.

Please don’t vote for a feeling or a message that sounds good but doesn’t actually convey anything of substance. Don’t just depend upon how a candidate answers our questionnaire. Take the time to make certain the person you vote for has explained some how or some way what they intend to do if elected. Then vote.

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