Here is a little boy who wants to believe he can fly. Should his teachers be required to call him “Superman” and to encourage to jump off tall buildings?

Think about what the transgender activists are demanding in Arlington Public Schools. We are suppose to believe someone can select their sex based upon their feelings, including children. We are suppose to refer to them in whatever they demand. Are these people asking for tolerance, or are they demanding that everyone else believe what they want to believe about themselves? Doesn’t tolerance go both ways? Just because “you” believe you can fly like a bird, is everyone else required to believe you can?

Consider these reports.

Where are Arlington Public Schools (APS) on this issue at the moment? Some time in July the Arlington School Board is suppose to vote on a policy change. If you have children or grandchildren in those schools, you may wish to start paying attention.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if parents need to attend school to be parents.

    My personal experience with children is they often times really don’t know a lot about life and the long term consequences of some of the things they either imagine or confront at the early stages in life.

    They need wise guidance from supposed wise parents. Unfortunately, so do some parents and school administrators. This typed decision would be wiser to make when the child becomes of legal age, in my opinion.

    regards and good will blogging.

  2. Tom Salmon says:

    Children use to learn how to be parents when people lived together in large extended families. Now we have a problem. How do we choose who teaches our children. The current system is now working well.

  3. I just posted a post on yours and Wally Fry.

    Regards and goodwill blogging

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