Is the Prince William – Manassas Family Alliance a popular website. Not yet, but we are working on it. Unfortunately, we have encountered some obstacles. Consider chart below.

We hit a peak on June 11th. That was the day of the Primary Election. So a lot of people were searching for information on the election.  Who sent people to our website?

Bing was the big hitter followed by Yahoo, and duckduckgo.com. Google Search, surprisingly, was a distant fourth. Since Google search has over 70 percent of the market, capturing 85 percent of the mobile market (see search engines in usa ranked by popularity), it is kind of odd we got such a small number of hits from Google. What is going on? Is this a reflection of Google’s political bias?

So what do we do? Well, the best advertising is still word of mouth. So we think the solution is to post content on our website that people want to see. With respect to our mission, what is that content?

  • We are local organization focused on the welfare of the family. So we will focus on local politics. That includes explaining our candidate surveys and the questions we ask.
  • The primary threat to the family is the degeneration of our culture. Since we protect our children from evil by teaching them wisdom, we will focus on what is and is not being taught in our schools. In addition, we will encourage parents and grandparents to assume responsibility for the instruction of their children and grandchildren.

If you find something you read here interesting, please feel free to tell your friends. If you have suggestions or just want to comment, please do that too. We encourage polite discussion.

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