The Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance (PWMFA) is small potatoes. We don’t expect to become a big website. We just hope to have a modest effect on local elections. Nevertheless, thank to automation, we suspect Google Search can suppress the traffic of even a small website like our own (see here). Has Google Search been misused this way?

Project Veritas (headed by James O’Keefe,) cannot specifically address our case, but they have confirmed the political biases of Google and some of the tech companies. Check out their website.

  • Here is President Donald Trump’s reaction.

How is Project getting out its message? The alternative media.

Are there folks trying to “debunk” O’Keefe’s accusations? Yes, but the mainstream news media is largely silent.

So what should we make of all this? Is O’Keefe being truthful or his detractors? Are the heads of big corporations willing to risk their reputations to keep what they have and to obtain more wealth and power? Are people like James O’Keefe willing to risk their reputations for the sake of fame and influence?

How can we learn the truth? The problem with trying to hide websites by biasing a search engine is that we can, once we know what is going on, detect the bias. Similarly, once we know that a news media outlet is biased, we can detect the bias. That is, we can use a different search engines or make use of other news outlets and see what we turn up.

Trust, but verify. — President Ronald Reagan (from here)

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