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Did you know that children’s brains develop pathways of behavior or learning at a phenomenal rate? Kids’ minds are like blotters soaking up ink (for those of you who remember the day)! They learn things they will retain for the rest of their lives! Neuroscientists call these developmental years the critical phase or period:  When children’s brains are highly influenced by sensory and visual experiences forming neural pathways that will govern their behavior and thinking for the rest of their lives.

Within the home parents and family members provide an infant and young child with  experiences that promote their development as normal little boys or girls. But what happens when your child reaches four, five or six and they climb the steps of that yellow bus for the first time? You put the care of your precious child into the hands of people you really don’t know, yet trust because they are supposed to be trustworthy…you hope.

Teachers expose your children to the wonders of arithmetic, science, the printed page and athletics. But now, under the guise of Family Life Education, some school districts expose kids as young as kindergarten to behaviors like same sex marriage, gender identity issues, and perverted sexual activities as being normal ways of life. That doesn’t sound like family life your child experiences at home. And those aren’t the experiences you want your child to wrestle with during their lifetime.

If you live in Loudon, Fairfax or Arlington, those sorts of topics have become part of the school curriculum as mandated by their respective school boards. Thus far, Prince William County has held that wolf at bay. But in November, if you do not elect school board candidates who will protect your children from this encroaching cancer, you will find the same seamy curriculum infesting your kids’ schools, too.

That is why we will expand this issue in future blogs. So, stay tuned and visit often!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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