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In YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE WHAT I BELIEVE!, we anticipated that some time in July the Arlington School Board would vote on a policy change, that the school board would encourage students to select their “gender” based upon how they feel. Well, that is what happened.

Here is a link to what the Arlington School Board approved, ARLINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Policy Implementation Procedure J-2 PIP-2, Transgender Students in Schools. What are the problems with this new policy? Well, it is only a couple of pages. You can read it yourself, but here are some obvious ones.

  • Our sex is a fact. Our “gender identity” is a fantasy. Encouraging children to act out their fantasies can be dangerous. They may imagine they can fly, but we still should not be encouraging them to jump off cliffs. Similarly, the damage done by drugs and the surgical mutilation required to “change” ones sex is irreversible.
  • The policy is ripe for abuse. Just because a guy says he is a gal does not mean he should using female restrooms and locker rooms. Letting a biological male participate in female athletic competitions can be ridiculously unfair.
  • Forcing school personnel to respect a student’s pronoun choices pressures school personnel to participate in an outright lie.

What can we do about this nonsense?

  • If you live in Arlington, VA, consider joining an organization like the Arlington Parent Coalition. Get involved!
  • If you live in Prince William County, consider that we have an election coming up. We will be choosing our School Board in November. We each have a responsibility to check out the candidates and know where they stand. We each need to become informed and VOTE!
  • If you live in Prince William County, consider helping us. Take a small role in your community and encourage your neighbors to become informed and vote responsibly.
  • We can read We Fought the Transgender Activists, and Lost. Here Are 5 Lessons for Every Parent ( and consider how it ends.

Concerned parents are, to borrow from the musical “Hamilton?,” “out-gunned, out-manned, out-numbered, out-planned.” If you already are stretched in terms of time and attention, the situation can feel too big, too scary, and too inevitable.

At one point, I found myself looking for an exit from the fight when an activist from neighboring Fairfax County gave me a steely look and said, “It is far worse than you understand, and don’t you dare walk away.”

Only parents can demand accountability from school systems and set boundaries around their children. We can’t walk away.

This is a serious conflict, and it is already here. You have children? Do you want to instill your values in the children you helped to bring to life and love, or do want some stranger who doesn’t really care about them to completely screw up their brains?

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