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Our society is riddled with explicit sexual language, ads, photos, videos, web sites, illustrations and so on. Sooner or later your children and/or grandchildren will be exposed to some of it. Until recent history it has been safe to have our schools instruct our kids about sexual behavior, so many parents trusted that role to the classroom. In fact, we take it for granted that children will learn about “the birds and the bees” at school.

Times have changed. In case you’re unaware, the liberals are pushing for sex education of the lowest form to be part of the Family Life curriculum. They want to mess your children’s minds up about things like gender identity (transgenderism) and same-sex unions. You have a job to do to protect your children from having wrong information or believing an incorrect source.

There are two ways you can do that:

First, do not assume that only Federal elections matter. Consider the coming November elections in Virginia. Vote for school board candidates who will not mandate that this liberal agenda be taught in your child’s school. Thoroughly research every candidate running for School Board and know their stand on the issues. Look at the Voter Guides on this web site. If any candidates refuse to be explicit about their position on Family Life education, consider them suspect. Vote accordingly.

Second, you have the important option of being your kids’ best source of the truth about sexual identity and practice. It’s a choice you make—talking about sexual matters with kids isn’t easy or comfortable. Here are some pointers if you choose to do so:

  1. Do not ignore your kids’ questions or conversation about what they have seen or heard. You know better than anyone else how to explain to them what they’re wondering about. Use those ‘teachable moments’ to advantage and don’t ignore those questions. IF you do, your kids will find someone who will answer them…or show them…or maybe worse.
  2. Be proactive and respect your own sexuality and that of your kids. Be modest at home. Insist on privacy for bodily functions and make sure your kids do, too. Be discreet in your conversations about people and things. Live out what pure human sexuality is all about.
  3. Put parental limitations on your kids’ electronics so they can’t access pornography or be snared by a predator on-line. Monitor what they watch on TV, especially if you permit them to have a TV in their bedroom. And, for their brain’s sake, limit the use of TV, smart phones, iPads and similar devices to several hours a day. The critical period of their brain development is affected by overuse of electronics that isolate them and prevent formation  of brain pathways through social interactions with family and friends that are vital for open, lasting relationships with others, including you.
  4. Teach your children to respect their bodies and how to recognize appropriate/inappropriate touch or conversation. And, should anyone violate their comfort level, let them know they are free to tell you immediately without feeling guilty. This means they should tell you about the school curriculum, as well as social interactions. Maintain open communication with your kids! Talk with them freely every day and often!
  5. Be very discriminatory about your kids’ friends and who they hang out with. As for sleep-overs, know not just the child, but their family, as well. It may be best to have the sleep-overs at your house, not theirs, because you know for sure your home is safe.
  6. As children get older, they like the privacy of their bedroom and may try to declare it off-limits for parents. Hey! It is still your house and they are still your kids. Know what is in their room and be aware of what’s under the mattress, in the closest, under the bed, and other out-of-the-way places. If you find anything that is taboo, work with your child about why you disapprove. I know. People say, “Kids are just curious!” That is true, but don’t forget that curiosity killed the cat—so protect your child by teaching and loving on them!
  7. Practice what you preach! Don’t engage in questionable activities on the sly and believe your kids don’t know. They see, hear and explore the house when you’re not looking. They read you like a book, so be sure what they read is clean!
  8. The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way s/he should go, even when s/he is old he will not depart from it.” Mom, Dad; Grandpa, Grandma—the ball is in your court! Enjoy your kids to the max!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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  1. Tom,
    Great wise advice. Cannot be said often enough.

    If only we spent more time considering a child’s mind to hopefully teach them to understand what could be best for their future in life on earth and the next before the time disappears

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