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In most respects we probably live in what is not an extraordinary time. Yeah, our technology is far advanced of our forebears, and the world is crawling with people, but people have not changed much. When we renounce God, we don’t think well (see Romans 8:18-32).  That, I think, is to some extent the point of The abolition of women ( by Everett Piper. Here is how his article starts.

If there was any remaining question that corporate oligarchs and today’s educational ruling class now have near Orwellian control over all of American culture, this week’s news should remove all doubt.

Take for example the story of Dr. Allan Josephson, a distinguished professor and director of the division of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Louisville, who was recently not only removed from his leadership position and but also informed that his contract for the 2019-20 academic year would not be renewed.

His crime?  Dr. Josephson dared to challenge the medical wisdom of “gender affirmation” and corresponding surgical sex-change treatments. For such unacceptable thinking, this man was declared verboten by Louisville’s intellectual Third Reich and was summarily fired.

Or let’s consider the news of Hollywood star, Mario Lopez, who, at the threat of excommunication, was forced by today’s cabal of cultural high priests to bow in contrition at their rainbow altar and confess his sins. What was his transgression you ask? Mr. Lopez dared to suggest that a 3-year-old can’t be trusted to choose her own lunch let alone choose her own gender. (continued here)

So what about the picture at the top, “feminism is for everyone.” That is from ON Feminism: Culture does not make people, People make culture ( by Virginia Vigliar. The article is a fairly good one, but “feminism is for everyone” can be taken in a couple of ways. We can all be advocates for the welfare of the fairer sex. We can promote the God-given Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for both men and women, or we can so muddy the differences between men and women that we refuse to recognize those differences are real and substantial. I hope more thoughtful people, especially Christians, still have this attitude.

Vive la différence!

Vigliar argues that people make culture. What she says should especially concern parents. Here is how she ends her article.

“Culture does not make people, people make culture”

This is a phrase that points out something we tend to forget. We have the power to modify the way we live, and the way other people live.

By changing the way we educate the next generations, and by behaving differently in our daily lives (at the store, at the gym, in school), we can change the way of living of future generations and feminism will be a word we do not even have to look for, as it will be defined in our daily lives. (from here)

Our children will acquire a culture of some sort, and that culture will include attitudes about sex. So parents and grandparents have a choice. They can help their children acquire the best of our culture including learning how to discern good from evil, or they can let strangers teach them. What will those strangers teach them? Strangers chosen by politicians? Who knows, but too often these days strangers teach children the most absurd beliefs, and children have little defense. Then the results are not funny.

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