Only National elections really matter. I’ll vote in 2020, but not this year. Local and state races don’t concern me.

Really? Are you sure about that? Did you know that most restrictions on parental rights are determined at the state and/or local levels? Consider the following:

  • Unless the child gave permission, a mother in Minnesota could not access her children’s medical records if the kids were 11 years or older NOR could she discuss their health with the doctor.
  • In California students can obtain confidential releases from school for certain medical appointments without parental notification.
  • In Minnesota again, ANY MINOR regardless of age, may give consent for mental or other health services to determine or treat pregnancy or conditions associated with it, venereal disease, alcohol and other drug abuse without the consent of any other person—that includes you, the parent. However, there is a provision that as a parent you can be notified if your child is receiving an abortion.
  • In Illinois a mom was refused twice in her requests to opt out her daughter from sexual education because she found the lecture content was objectionable. Thirty-five (35) states require sex education in the school curriculum and 11 of them do not permit opting out.

These are just a few of the parental rights being legislated away at the state or local levels. So, it does matter whom you elect as Delegates and Senators to Richmond, as well as your local School Board members. These policy makers determine what your kids are taught in school (even about you, the parent, and what kids control about their health instead of you).

Thus far, Virginia permits kids under 18 to consent to treatment with/for contraceptive devices, sexually transmitted diseases, prenatal care, adoption, and medical care for a minor’s child. Parental consent is still required if a child is to have an abortion. But—that could change, depending on who is elected in 2019!

Find out who is running for Delegate, Senator and School Board in your district. If you’re not sure, voter guides will be available on this web site and/or your place of worship prior to the election. In the meantime, you can do some research on your own by going to local newspaper web sites, doing searches on the internet, or using social media.

And, check out for more information about how to be involved. Politics are for keeps, my friend, and your child is caught between you and our governing officials. Know who you’re voting for and why. Be sure they represent your views! Cast an informed vote on November 5!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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