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Fisting! Dental Dams! Sound familiar?  You may need to do an internet search to find out what those kinky terms mean. Kids in California don’t need to, though. They’re part of the sex education curriculum enacted by the California Board of Education bill AB329 in 2016 with input from Planned Parenthood and mandated in all the schools across the state (

Now, at school, California students learn the functions of male and female anatomy including the most intimate names and details of normal and perverted sexual behavior. It makes one blush even to read specifics included in the sex ed curriculum. Kids going to Health Education may enter the classroom as innocent as newborn babes and come out of a session either too embarrassed to speak or avidly eager to experiment! And experiment they will! Be sure of that! When they do, they lose something they can never regain—their innocence.

The California sex education curriculum starts with kindergarten kids and progresses (if it can be called progress!) through grade 12. Girls used to learn about their changing bodies by themselves, the boys being in a different classroom. Now they’re all together, a mixed crowd. Forget modesty and the God-given shyness kids should possess when faced with such information. Discussion with pornographic illustrations about the most private and personal of details breaks down any inhibition kids may have until all they have left is to practice what they’ve been taught. At least, that’s how the curriculum puts it!

Is that what you want your kids exposed to at school? Certainly not! Well, there’s even worse to know about this indoctrination. Parents may not opt their kids out of sessions that deal with gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation! Therefore, all California children must learn about gay and transgender issues and activities. And teachers are supposed to “affirmatively recognize different sexual orientations and be inclusive.” In other words, they are supposed to treat the subject matter as being acceptable, normal behavior.

So, students eat lunch in the cafeteria and then go into the classroom to sample the garbage can! ‘Progressive’ activists are destroying family values, societal norms and altering our culture for the worse. Kids are being exploited, not protected, in the guise of education! California parents are powerless to protect their own children from this horrendous plague! They’ve tried and failed!

How much more degraded can we become as a society? How much will God tolerate? And what can parents do about it??

Once a precedent is set for incorporating immorality and pornography into the classroom (which California has done), other states will follow the example if activists are elected that espouse this same agenda. Thus far, Virginia mandates very little in the way of sex education at school. Don’t let a California-type scenario happen in Prince William County or Virginia! Should such a proposal be made to them, find out where candidates running for election stand on issues related to LGBTQ and transgenderism. Then make informed choices when you vote on November 5.

We will continue to explore this dilemma in future posts.

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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