The 2012 Olympic women’s 1500 m heats (from here). Can you imagine that photo with a bunch of guys pretending to be gals?

When transgenderism is taken to its limits, not just those people identifying as other than their biological gender are affected. Policies enacted to accommodate them have repercussions within a family, school, community, the state and nation.

Consider the situation of Selina Soule, a 16-year old Connecticut high school junior, who didn’t compete in the 55-meter New England regionals this year (see Department of Education to Probe Athletic Program Allowing Transgender Females to Compete With Girls ( She missed qualifying because two biological boys who identify as girls took the first and second places at Connecticut’s girls indoor track championship this spring. They even set new records in girls’ events! Duh!

Selina had to place in one of the top six positions in the 55-meter to go to the regional meet. She placed eighth. Do the math. Six from eight equals two! Two imposters grabbed the best spots in the ranking and edged her out! Selina qualified only in the long jump, in which the biological boys didn’t compete. Because she couldn’t compete in the 55-meter, Salina lost her opportunity to be seen by college coaches who might have tapped her for a scholarship.

What’s wrong with this picture? When the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference ruled that biological young men who identify as girls may compete as girls in sports, most everyone said nothing. No one challenged the action! So, the Conference instituted policies that included TG boys into girls’ sports programs.

Most girls in Connecticut who compete in athletics are afraid to raise their voices about this issue because they fear repercussions if they do. According to Salina, they fear retaliation from the media, other students in their school, other athletes, coaches, schools, or administrators if they challenge the inequity. They fear bullying and threats. Parents, as well, don’t speak out because they want to protect their daughters’ identities and possible retaliation. So, they remain silent…but not Salina. She dared to speak out about this glaring compromise.

When girls enter athletic competitions in Connecticut, they already know that biological boys competing with them will win, no matter how hard the girls try. The Equality Act, HR bill 5 recently introduced in the House, would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes under federal civil rights law. It would create a civil right for male athletes to self-identify as females without evidence of physical changes to their bodies. They could ultimately destroy competitive women’s sports!

Remember the Emperor (THE EMPEROR HAS A NEW SET OF CLOTHES)? Everyone knew he was naked, but everyone feared being called names if they spoke the truth so they bit their tongues. Intimidation runs high in the case of women’s sports and TG ‘girls’ taking over. And when no one challenges the obvious, the obvious becomes precedent and precedent rules. It hearkens back to who holds the power to legislate. Know about the candidates at all levels of government and what they stand for, then be sure to vote accordingly in the November election. Your vote DOES speak!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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