One last time – The Pilgrim’s Movie Is Live

Doris, my fellow blogger wanted me to share the following about a new animated version of The Pilgrim’s Progress ( by John Bunyan. Here is what she thought of it.

This is a wonderfully done animated version of The Pilgrim’s Progress free on-line until tomorrow night. It’s well worth watching. Takes about two hours.

Here is the information she forwarded.

Yesterday The Pilgrim’s Progress DVD and Blu-ray went on sale through our partners at Christian Book and the response was incredible! So much so that within hours, Blu-Rays were sold out, and by this morning DVDs were completely sold out as well!
What about all of the people that wanted to watch the film with their family over this holiday? What about those who want to share it or are excited to see and missed the live event window?! Well, we heard you crying out on social media, and email, and private message, and phone calls. And the one guy with the fax machine (yeah we heard that guy too).

Well … we want your family to watch The Pilgrim’s Progress. And we definitely want you to share it! So, we decided to take the biggest Christian online movie event of the year and extend the FREE online viewing one last time for Labor Day Weekend!

While you are waiting for your DVDs to arrive, you have one more chance to log on and watch the film. And even better … you have time to share it with those who didn’t get a chance to see it!

What better way to help prepare our children and grandchildren as they settle into their new school year? Please share this opportunity with others and post on your social media pages!


If you have not yet registered to watch The Pilgrim’s Progress For Free!


If you have already registered to watch The Pilgrim’s Progress and can’t find your link.

After clicking on the link, please re-enter your email address, and you will have unlimited access to the movie during the event window. Please share this link with your friends and family. Remember this free event is for home viewing only. If you would like to host a public/group screening, please visit and register for a movie event license.

Anyway, there is more. Of course, it costs big money to make movies, and the folks making this movie are trying to use it to share the Gospel. So, they will ask you for a contribution.

Should you give them some money? I don’t know. Up to you. I have not even seen the movie yet. All I can say is that The Pilgrim’s Progress ( actually is a good way to share the Gospel. Part 1 was completed in 1678 and Part 2 was completed in 1684, and the book has been a favorite for centuries.

I regret to say I did not read The Pilgrim’s Progress ( until late in life. Unlike earlier generations, Americans of the last century did not make sufficient effort to bring up their children in the Christian traditions of their forebears. Therefore, we don’t know what the folks who built this country were thinking when they created our nation as they did. Curious, that is one reason I started reading the books our forebears would have read, including the Bible.

I got a big surprise when I read the Bible. I found myself convinced the Bible is true. Strange conversion experience? I don’t know, but I do recommend reading that book.

The Pilgrim’s Progress ( is allegorical, and Bunyan wrote it for an audience now departed. So it takes a bit of effort to understand it well. Fortunately, there people who love the book enough to make the effort. Here is an excellent commentary, The Pilgrim’s Progress: A Guided Tour A Teaching Series by Dr. Derek Thomas (

You can also buy the book for a decent price, Paperback or hard cover ( However, I must admit to being cheap and preferring to listen while I drive. So, if you are of the same mind check out provides several different audio versions of The Pilgrim’s Progress ( Just search on the book’s name. will give a list of different audio presentations, and they are pretty good. Take your pick. You can download the book without fee or questions. Can’t beat a deal like that.

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