An ACLU lawyer?

More is happening in California schools than reading, writing and arithmetic—and lewd sex education! Now ACLU lawyers are teaching teachers—how to “secretly help students obtain contraception and abortion services without parental knowledge or consent”.

If you wonder why kids often are rebellious and have little regard for their parents’ opinions or instructions, that may help explain it. The right of parents to control and manage what, when and how their children learn are being undermined big time through social media and at school.

California students are being accorded more rights to govern their most intimate life than their moms and dads have. At a time in their lives when they really need direction and protection from parents who brought them into this world and love them the most, kids are being taught they don’t need to listen to or even tell them what they’re up to. Hm-m-m-m! Parents are even the same adults who pay their taxes to support schools and staff salaries!! A situation similar to a dog biting the hand that feeds it!

Our children are being assaulted on many sides by a culture of unrestrained sexual freedom, abortion, and sexual perversions. Before it is too late, Virginia parents need to stand up and fight to retain their rights to their children’s lives and education.

One way you can do this is to vote carefully with sound information about what candidates for local and state government stand for. When a candidate is squeamish about declaring his or her position on such an important issue as parental rights or sex ed at school, beware! You may be dealing with a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

The PWMFA is sponsoring a dinner event on September 28 (See Keep Radical Sex Education Out Of Prince William County Schools) that highlights the school sex education crisis experienced by two women in Fairfax County. Tickets are still available to attend. A concerted plan of attack for Prince William County will be part of the evening’s discussion.

Do not be fooled. Investigate now before it’s time to vote. Use the voter guides available on this web site or that will be available at churches very soon. November 5 elections well may be your last opportunity to avoid California’s debacle. Do what’s right and VOTE!


— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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