In this post we will continue our examination of Part 2 of Robert G. “Delegate Bob” Marshall new book, Reclaiming the Republic: How Christians and Other Conservatives Can Win Back America. Here is our progress thus far.

  • First Post: We introduced the book.
  • Second Post: We reviewed the prefatory material.
  • Third Post: We summarized the first two chapters of Part 1 of Marshall’s book, Think Like the Founders.
  • Fourth Post: We summarized the last three chapters of Part 1 of Marshall’s book.
  • Fifth Post: We summarized the first two chapters of Part 2 of Marshall’s book.

In this post we will summarize the content of chapters of eight, nine, and ten, the middle chapters of Part 2 Marshall’s book, The Playbook: Terms, Strategy, and Tactics. Here we transition from the activity of the legislator. Here we begin to see what a citizen can do and needs to know.

Chapter 8 – Special Tactics for Legislators in the Individual States.

This chapter focuses on a single fact. Congress is without the power to force the States to enforce Federal laws. In the second paragraph of this chapter, Marshall puts it this way.

And since many federal programs depend for their success on state cooperation, state refusal to assist the implementation of federal programs is an effective and constitutional  way to practically suspend the operation of federal law within those states. A state that refuses to participate in a federal program is said to be exercising its anti-commandeering powers.

This is a big part of what we call state’s rights. Because the South used state’s rights prior to the Civil War, that expression has become somewhat unpopular. Perhaps that is one reason Marshall gives an example of the North using state’s rights to resist the spread of slavery. States on both sides of an issue can use state’s rights.

Chapter 9 – Tactics for Citizens  

This chapter is short and easily summarized by its subheading.

The Boycott as a Tool to Tame Corporate America’s Promotion of Anti-Christian Values

Marshall uses the American Family Association’s (AFA) call for a boycott of Target as an example.

Over a million and a half people have signed the AFA’s pledge. I suspect many more, like myself, just refused to buy anything from Target that they could buy some place else. Why would anyone frequent a store that allows men in the women’s restroom? How can we trust the judgement of the management?

Chapter 10 – You Must Understand How Things Work in Order to Work Effectively for Change or Civics 101

Contrary to what we might expect from the title, Chapter 10 is not a little textbook. There is some of that, but Marshall puts the focus on what we can do and why we need to be involved. So, yes, there is some information about the different levels of government, how to contact your legislators, and a how a bill becomes law; but there are also stories that explain what happens when We the People don’t pay attention.

What happens, for example, when we don’t hold our public officials accountable to their oath of office? After a while, many do not take the oath they made to support and defend the Constitution seriously. That is why Marshall tells a story about Adolph Hitler and the oath he required of every German soldier.

Bonus Material

We have three bonus items.

1. For those who have yet to see it, here is the presentation Bob Marshall gave the PWMFA’s spring fundraiser.

2. The second item is a podcast. There are two links. The second is in the Apple format.

Episode 1 of 9: The Equal Rights Amendment is Still a Bad Idea

Episode 1 of 9: The Equal Rights Amendment is Still a Bad Idea (apple format)

Bob Marshall, State legislator for 26 years and congressional aide to one democrat and two republican members of Congress, discusses current illicit efforts by Democratic Members of Congress to breathe life into the dead ERA 37 years after it expired.

Bob Marshall also discusses significant adverse social & legal consequences should the ERA be approved by 38 states.

3. The third item is a dinner invite. The PWMFA is sponsoring a dinner event on September 28 (See Keep Radical Sex Education Out Of Prince William County Schools) that highlights the school sex education crisis experienced by two women in Fairfax County. Tickets are still available to attend. A concerted plan of attack for Prince William County will be part of the evening’s discussion.

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