It is about protecting children.

Thank you!

On Saturday evening we held our 2019 Fall Forum. We owe a debt of thanks to our speakers, the attendees and the folks at City Tavern.

  • Our speakers were knowledgeable, inspiring, and hopeful.
  • Our attendees provided us both financial and moral support.
  • The folks at City Tavern provided us a great meal and a quiet, comfortable place for our forum.

What happened? Elizabeth L. Schultz and Meg Kilgannon did a great job of explaining the problems with Family Life Education (FLE) in Fairfax County and the threat we face in Prince William County. Josh Hetzler led a discussion that focused on what we need to do.

What was message attendees should have taken from the event? Well, here is my take.

  1. We have a serious problem. Instead of parents being in charge of what their children learn, activists are running our schools.
  2. Us citizens need to stop being apathetic and take an interest in who is on the School Board. We need to become informed voters.
  3. Some of us need to care enough about the children in our county and help by informing the citizenry and encourage people to vote for school board member who respect parental rights.

Did I receive the message correctly? Well, everyone sees things from their own point of view. So, I hope to post a video of the event soon. If you have any interest in politics and education issues, you will find the video fascinating and informative. Please stand by.

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