2019 Prince William Local Election Districts and Precincts (from here)

Who is going to be on your ballot? Depends upon where you live. Since the ballot is going to be so busy, I have broken up the lists of candidates up into sections, separate posts. In WHO IS RUNNING FOR THE PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD? — PART 2A, I listed the candidates for the School Board. This post covers the Commonwealth’s Attorney, the Sheriff, and the Board of Supervisors.

We got our list of candidates from this article, Candidates On the Ballot in Prince William County (insidenova.com). However, the Prince William County Office of Elections is now posting information on the November 5th General Election. That includes a Consolidated List of Candidates. In addition, the Prince William County Office of Elections‘ website is a great place to figure out what will be on your ballot. Across the County, there will be 44 different ballots.

To help you with your own research, we have included the candidates’ campaign websites, Facebook pages, and/or Twitter accounts.

PWC Commonwealth’s Attorney

PWC Sheriff

Board of Supervisors


Brentsville District

Coles District

Gainesville District

Occoquan District

Potomac District


See GETTING READY FOR NOVEMBER — PART 1 for a birds-eye picture of the ballot.


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