Here are the questions we sent to the candidates running to serve on the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. Note that the form (2019 County supervisor survey–Family Alliance, General Election) allows three answers: support, oppose, or undecided. When candidates respond, most insert a few comments in their replies to our questionnaire. We post the complete response, including comments, online. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, we cannot include comments in our voter guides. So we strive to avoid ambiguity.

  1. Pass bond referendum to provide matching funds in the event the State chooses in the future to widen Route 28 from Manassas City to Fairfax Co. line.
  2. Limit the construction of new housing if local school and transportation capacity is inadequate.
  3. Limit average real estate tax increases to adjustments for inflation.
  4. Urge the General Assembly to protect innocent life from conception until natural death.
  5. Add tolls on existing highway lanes to fund transportation improvements and manage traffic.
  6. Urge General Assembly to ratify the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  7. Urge General Assembly to allow localities to offer tax relief to parents of nonpublic school students.
  8. Prohibit childcare providers, schools and churches from discriminating in hiring on the basis of sexual orientation.
  9. Continue agreement to turn over prisoners for deportation by federal immigration enforcement.
  10. Urge the General Assembly to add restrictions on ownership and use of firearms.
  11. Extend Metrorail service to Prince William County as a top transportation priority.
  12. Prohibit childcare providers, schools and churches from restricting access to restrooms and locker rooms on the basis of biological sex.
  13. County or State should require parental notification of counseling on suicidal impulses, depression, drug abuse, pregnancy and contraception.
  14. Provide financial incentives to attract professional sport teams.
  15. Urge General Assembly or school board to require parents’ permission prior to teaching sex education to their children.
  16. Enhance use of faith-based providers in social welfare programs.
  17. Preserve the current protections for the Rural Crescent but for minor adjustments.
  18. Seek authority for counties to impose income taxes.
  19. Build bike paths and sidewalks as a transportation priority.
  20. Increase personal property taxes.
  21. Increase per pupil expenditures in county schools to the level of Fairfax County.
  22. Require utilities to increase renewable energy use so that Prince Wm. Co is. fossil-fuel-free by 2035.

Who has not responded to our questionnaire?


Brentsville District

Coles District

Gainesville District

Occoquan District

Potomac District


Please thank the following candidates for responding to our questionnaire. Why? Read WOULD YOU BUY A PIG IN A POKE? — THE 2019 EDITION.


Gainesville District

Potomac District

What’s our deadline? To get our voter guides printed and distributed in time, we must have candidate responses by October 11th. Otherwise, we will have to discern candidate positions as well as we can based upon their public statements.

When will we post the responses we have to our candidate questionnaires? We will post the responses when we start distributing our voter guides to local area churches.


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