Here are the questions we sent to the candidates running to serve as Prince William County’s Sheriff. Note that the form (2019 Sheriff survey, General Election) allows three answers: support, oppose, or undecided. When candidates respond, most insert a few comments in their replies to our questionnaire. We post the complete response, including comments, online. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, we cannot include comments in our voter guides. So we strive to avoid ambiguity.

  1. The Sheriff is not responsible for the protection of jurors.
  2. Create a K9 unit to detect explosives and drugs in the vicinity of the judicial center.
  3. The Sheriff should continue the 287(g) agreement to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in holding prisoners who violated immigration laws until federal authorities can arrange for deportation.
  4. Law enforcement on the street is the responsibility of the police departments in the county and cities. The Sheriff should stay out of their way, unless the police request assistance.
  5. A Sheriff is a voting member of the Jail Board. If a female inmate requests an abortion at public expense, the Sheriff should vote to fund the inmate’s abortion.
  6. Employees of the Sheriff should be paid according to a pay schedule, rather than as the Sheriff chooses.
  7. The Sheriff’s office should administer gun safety classes for the community.
  8. A Sheriff receives a court order to transport an underage inmate to have an abortion. If a Deputy Sheriff refuses to carry out the order for reasons of conscience, the Sheriff should fire him or her for insubordination.
  9. A deputy sheriff in the Army Reserves is deployed to a wartime area. The Sheriff should be able to fire the deputy and restore the Office to full strength.
  10. A Sheriff should not hesitate to take a minor inmate to a Planned Parenthood clinic for health services and birth control supplies.
  11. Children with special needs should not be handled like general education students when they commit similar offenses.
  12. Religious teaching, worship and counseling is a critical part of a jail environment to which inmates should have full access.
  13. The Sheriff should make it a priority to create opportunities for officers to interact with differently-abled children and adults in civilian settings.
  14. Mandate body cameras for Sheriff’s Office deputies.
  15. Institute a mentoring program between deputies and at risk youths with a goal to reduce violence in schools.
  16. Advocate for a federal or state requirement for timely and thorough background checks for purchase of semi-automatic firearms.

PWC Sheriff

Please thank the following candidates for responding to our questionnaire. Why? Read WOULD YOU BUY A PIG IN A POKE? — THE 2019 EDITION.

PWC Sheriff

What’s our deadline? To get our voter guides printed and distributed in time, we must have candidate responses by October 11th. Otherwise, we will have to discern candidate positions as well as we can based upon their public statements.

What if we receive a candidate’s response to our questionnaire too late to include in our printed voter guide? We will still post it online and make it available to interested voters.

When will we post the responses we have to our candidate questionnaires? We will post the responses when we start distributing our voter guides to local area churches.

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