On September 28th we held the Prince William & Manassas Family Alliance’s 2019 Fall Forum. The subject? Keeping radical sex education out of Prince William County. We videoed the event (broken up into four videos), and the videos are excellent. Our guests, Elizabeth L. Schultz, Meg Kilgannon, and Josh Hetzler, provided us firstrate presentations.

Josh Hetzler moderated the question and answer period and the brainstorming session. The question and answer period is in the video above. The brainstorming session is in the video below.

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What was my takeaway from these videos? Elections have consequences. We each need to become knowledgeable about politics, and we each need to realize the importance of local politics. We can immediately see the relevance of who is president of the United States. Yet on a day-to-day basis, local politicians have a greater affect on our lives. When they speak of the policies set by our local school board, that is the point Schultz and Kilgannon drive home. School boards candidates, the folks at the bottom of the ballot, have great importance because we put the winners in charge of who teaches our children. Local school boards control what our children learn.

Who is more precious to us than our children? Don’t we want the best teachers and the best curriculum for our children? Don’t we want our children to grow up full of wisdom and understanding? Don’t we want our tax dollars to be used wisely? Even if we don’t have children in our local public schools, don’t we want our neighbor’s children to be well taught?

Then please listen to these videos, and please encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to listen to the videos. Then do a little more homework. Please learn what the candidates stand for and want to accomplish. Please vote!


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