King Solomon, Chicago Teachers Strike the Needed Impetus to …. REBLOGGED

Here is a post from a blog out of Chicago, King Solomon, Chicago Teachers Strike the Needed Impetus to …..

…promote badly needed school vouchers wisdom?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, what should Lightfoot do if teachers strike, reported the columnist suggestion: “That she can take one other step and use a magic word.”


The Purpose of This Post

Is to call attention to the inequities and follies of public-school education and taxation, especially for children in high crime poverty areas because of a number of factors to consider. (from here (

Are school vouchers a good idea? Well, there are powerful special interests that are adamantly opposed to the idea. As citizens and voters, should we listen to the special interests, or should we do what is best for our children and our country? Of course, we should do what is best for our childten and our country.

What is the best argument against school vouchers? Some foolish people will try to use school vouchers, taxpayers money, to set up schools that teach children things most Americans abhor. Unfortunately, we already have government officials teaching children things most Americans abhor. So, perhaps we ought consider whether parents will generally pick better schools for their children and get more value for our dollars.

It really comes down to this. Does the cost of putting politicians, people we don’t trust, in charge of the education of our children outweigh the benefit?

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2 Responses to King Solomon, Chicago Teachers Strike the Needed Impetus to …. REBLOGGED

  1. Tom

    Thanks for the link and comments.

    Your comments about what parents abhor is interesting if you consider that the people who can afford to send their children to private or religious schools economically have the luxury of choice.
    Which begs the question. Why in Washington DC does every politician send their kids to private schools?

    Is it because politicians’ salaries are higher than average workers?

    Same as Obamas choose or in Chicago where former Mayor Rahm sent his kids. Add that in Chicago, how the charter schools’ students are somehow selected, and those not selected, oh well?


    Then if you consider how many subjects being taught in public schools will be of questionable value to a majority of children compared to what teaching religious values could be if a child is introduced to Gods Ten Commandments, Spirituality of Wisdom and Love on the beginning of his or her path in life…


    Frankly, perhaps if parents had the opportunity of choosing whats best for their children, they will choose to decide a school they trust is best for their children, ironically as what politicians choose.

    Regards and goodwill blogging

  2. Tom,
    You may want to consider adding one more question to your questionnaire for candidates seeking office if the Supreme Court rules favorably on school vouchers.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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