We live in an age of cultural warfare. Is there is anything especially unusual about that? No. Because governments have often suppressed Christianity with bloody violence, Tertullian is often quoted.

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. — (Apologeticus, Chapter 50, from here)

Still, because of the resistance of our government, modern Christians have great difficulty passing their faith — their beliefs — onto their children. The politicians who run our government-run schools have their own agenda, and it has become more and more obvious that many politicians consider Christianity a nuisance, a nonsensical, unscientific belief. Therefore, many Christians have sought alternatives to the public school system. Unfortunately, poor parents, especially poor, single parents don’t have a choice. They cannot afford to both help pay for the public schools and send their children to private schools.

Therefore, school choice advocates have had to fight for educational or school vouchers in the courts. What is the latest battle? King Solomon, Supreme Court to Rule on School Vouchers? describes the issues and links to news articles. What is the author’s opinion?

Christians need to pray for a favorable common sense solution will result from the upcoming court case and the rights of parents to decide what they want taught about their religious values instead of government values. Some values they may abhor but have no economic choice because of tax inequities of having to paying to support both public and private schools funding’s. (from here)

We need to confront a hard truth. School choice is a religious freedom issue. Just because we call our public schools secular does not mean the public schools do not impart religious values.

  • When we sent our children to school, we choose role models for our children. Our children copy their teachers and those we have put in authority over them.  Hence, our children adopt many of the religious values of their teachers.
  • When we sent our children to school, we endorse the curriculum and the worldview promoted by that school. When we put our children on a school bus, whether we like it or not, we have implicitly approved whatever our children are taught. Hence, our children learn a way of life — a approach to living — we may not actually approve.
  • When we sent our children to school, we give whatever school we choose more time to shape the character of our children than we are likely to have as parents. So, if the school we choose teaches beliefs we don’t agree with, we have great difficult countering those beliefs.
  • When we pay taxes, even if we have no children, we are responsible for what is done with our tax dollars to other people’s children.

Don’t we know an education is not about just heaping a bunch of facts and skills into a child’s little skull? Don’t we know that at school our children learn a way of life? If that way of life is contrary to Biblical teaching, then as Christians we must object.

Early Christians called Christianity The Way (see here), and Christians called themselves Followers of the Way (see here). Following the Way put Christians in direct opposition to the way of the Roman Empire. That happened because Christians chose to worship God instead of the Emperor, and the Emperor demanded their worship.

Who or what will your children worship? God? Or will it be sex, stuff, the state, or that person they see in the mirror? Who or what will our public school teachers instruct our children to worship? What will we allow our elected officials to do with our tax dollars? Take a stand. The election is on November 5,  2019. Please vote! If you won’t be available to vote on November 5, vote absentee. See https://www.pwcvotes.com/vote-absentee.

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  1. Tom

    Thanks for your link and powerful comments.

    I plan to link a post to add my thoughts about how USA Progressives discriminate against religion over the years.

    Might even be considered borderlRine religious persecution in my opinion.

    Regards and goodwill blogging

  2. Tom,

    Thanks for the link and powerful comments.

    I linked your post and an excerpt comment in my post today titled, King Solomon, Government Religious Discrimination and/or Persecution in USA?

    Todays Chicago news contains numerous opinions about Chicago taxpayers complaining that they have no voice in the present Chicago Teachers Union contract negotiations. Yes, they can vote out the politicians who agree to new contracts, but they still are being stuck with paying taxes to fund public employee unions.

    Ironically, it is the same argument in a sense that parents have two pay religious school tuition and public-school taxes and have no choice in subject matter being decided by politicians and school bureaucracies.

    An endless circle of folly, discrimination and borderline religious persecution in my opinion.


    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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