An 1882 oil painting of a will-o’-the-wisp by Arnold Böcklin. (from here)
This picture is here to remind us that transgenderism, like the will-o’-the-wisp, is a type of self-delusion, a mirage. We can convince ourselves that accepting the gender choice of a transgender student will help them, but the data does not show that.  We can convince ourselves that we can actually change someone’s sex, but we cannot.

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Giving TG students the right to use bathrooms and showers of their ‘gender identity’ does not quell their ‘gender dysphoria.’ Rather, it reinforces what they believe about themselves and leads to next steps they think will satisfy their adopted sex role. They wear clothing like their ‘gender identity’, change their hair style, take a different given name that identifies with their new gender role, and may adopt mannerisms of their chosen gender. These steps often lead to more drastic measures as they grow older.

As much as possible, TG kids want to leave their birth gender behind them and often resort to using hormones, a practice started in 2009. Sex change done by hormone administration sounds simple and up-front. However, it does weaken bone development and it’s too soon to know if that lack corrects itself with time. What doctors don’t yet know is how those hormone alterations affect brain development that continues into early adulthood. One thing they are  certain of, though: in most cases, the hormones render the person incapable of producing offspring.

Providing TG youth with drugs to inhibit pubescent changes in their bodies and, worse yet, to give them opposite sex hormones to induce the secondary sex characteristics of their gender identity ultimately can render them sterile. That is an atrocious alteration of their entire future that is irreversible. Even if they change their mind later in the sex modification process, it is too late. They can never recoup their complete, original body, brain and persona.

In a ‘what if’ scenario, suppose a boy who ‘identifies’ as a girl receives estrogen to prevent or block his male development and to create secondary female characteristics. A few years down the road, if he realizes he has made a mistake, all the road blocks and ultimate changes the ‘foreign’ hormones made in his system to that moment are irreversible. Even if he marries and wants to father children, the man is possibly sterile. His appearance and demeanor will still reflect the feminine changes that occurred with the hormone administration. He is not a complete man nor is he a woman. A DNA test will confirm that.

A girl who wants to transition to a male by taking testosterone will develop a deepened voice and grow facial hair that persists even if she stops taking the hormone later on.  To enter the work world of a male, she probably will need to have her breasts removed surgically, and many girls follow this practice. In plain words, that is body mutilation!

Advocates of transgenderism at all costs claim kids with gender dysphoria are troubled and that helping them realize their urge to change genders is therapeutic. They fail to expose or even care about the probability of the physical, mental and emotional stress those same kids will fight years later if they wish they had left well enough alone! Their lives will have been altered permanently. Many TGs rue the day they began their TG journey.

So, friends, it’s better to stop this tragedy before it goes any farther. A truly compassionate school board will do all it can to stop bullying and other mistreatment of TG students, but it won’t bow to the media and Left by giving TG students special privileges that encourage them to subject their bodies and minds to unnatural changes.

This is why it’s important for you as a voter on November 5 to know your candidates’ stand on issues like transgenderism and vote for conservatives who will respect the rights of ALL students to privacy and modesty. Normal students’ rights need to be respected, too. Real compassion takes into account the futures of ALL students, including the TG kids. Vote wisely. Vote carefully—and VOTE!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

Please see our 2019 Voter Guides.

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