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I had intended to finish this series before the election on November 5, 2019. That did not happen, unfortunately. Still, Conservative groups need to spread the word and fight ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

In Part 1 of this series, we introduced this discussion of this strange, renewed effort to pass the ERA. Here we will consider a couple of emails Delegate Bob Marshall sent out to warn people about this problem.

This email contained an attachment, a fact sheet that I have linked to.

Date: August 9, 2019 11:45 AM

Subject: ERA November 2019

While the ERA polls well in Virginia, the policies that it mandates are supported only by a small percentage of the public.

I have compiled in a fact sheet on the main consequences of the ERA based on my reading the original source documents including ERA congressional hearings, debates and court decisions.

Democrats nationwide will certainly try to use the ERA to beat Virginia Republicans in 2019. Virginia is the only state which never approved the ERA which has elections in 2019. There are 192 co-sponsors (overwhelmingly Democrat) of a Congressional Resolution to purportedly remove the ERA ratification time limit.

Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy spoke at a recent pro-ERA meeting in the US Senate sponsored by Sen. Cardin (D-MD) and Sen. Murkowski (R-AK). Foy said that Virginia is the center of ERA activism because of what they anticipate will be a Democrat wave in 2019. (The Supreme Court Redistricting decision certainly helps them.)

Foy and other Democrats vehemently deny any link between the ERA and abortion and the other detrimental consequences the ERA will produce. I compiled this fact sheet to counteract Democrat propaganda.

Here are four ERA consequences (I have more in my material) that tilt against the Democrats.

• The ERA would mandate abortion funding, remove conscience protections and end all restrictions on abortions throughout all 9 months of pregnancy;

• The ERA would require women to be drafted if men are, and force women into front-line combat even without a draft;

• The ERA would end privacy rights for women/girls during TSA or police pat downs, and in locker rooms, changing areas, prisons, hospitals and women-only homeless shelters;

• The ERA would end female sports including chances for scholarships.


PS Please share this ERA info widely in church bulletins, etc.

This next email describes and provides links to a series of podcasts.

Date: September 7, 2019 11:24 AM

Subject: Anti-ERA Podcasts – Del. Bob Marshall

Democrat Members of Congress are attempting to use illicit methods to breathe life into the dead Equal Rights Amendment which is still a bad idea 37 years after it expired in 1972.  In the Virginia General Assembly this year, the ERA came within a single vote of passing!

I have prepared nine Reclaiming the Republic podcasts analyzing the Equal Rights Amendment based on Congressional Hearings, floor debate, court cases, law review journals, and other documents with quotes from proponents and opponents.

This critical battle is being waged now!  Passage of a federal ERA would embed abortion in our US Constitution, force women into combat, and end any separation of the sexes in prisons, shelters, sports, etc.

You can Listen to my “Reclaiming the Republic” Podcast at the Apple link: 

Share these podcasts with friends and vote against any candidate who supports the ERA.  We must stop the  illegitimate and dishonest effort by ERA zealots to amend the U.S. Constitution with three rather than the 38 states required by our Constitution.

Bob Marshall

Since Marshall prepared his factsheet and those podcasts, ERA advocates have obtained a majority in the Virginia legislature. Can they be stopped from ratifying the ERA. If sufficient public pressure is brought to bear that is possible. Most politicians pay attention when their constituents contact them.

Note again that the text of the ERA states that men and women will be treated equally, without qualification, under the law. Should men and women be equal before the law? Yes, but men and women are not the same, and the law should provide enough latitude to sensibly recognize those differences. Because women have the vote, women can vote for the leaders they want. Women can vote for the leaders to pass the laws they want. That being obviously the case, then how does it advantage women to allow a bunch of so-called feminists to undermine the ability of women to vote for leaders who will protect them from abuse? How does it help anyone to pretend that there are no differences between the sexes?

Here are some recent articles on the ERA. The so-called feminists don’t intend to let anything stop them.

Why has this foolish constitutional amendment gotten so far? The answer is that Liberals/Progressives/Socialists don’t give up. They may choose to support some of the most awful causes, but we have to admire their determination and imitate that determination in our opposition.

Consider the alternative to staying out of politics. Is politics a dirty business? Yep! But what is the alternative? Well, it is this. If we let unscrupulous people run our government, Christian will eventually be forced to choose between martyring other Christians or becoming a martyr. As bad as politics may be, not participating in politics is far worse.


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