It is about protecting children.

The Washington Times published this article on its front page yesterday, Disputed NY Times ‘1619 Project’ already shaping schoolkids’ minds on race ( Here is how that article starts online.

Despite top historians decrying what they call its falsehoods and distortions, a race-conscious New York Times rewrite of American history is being adopted in classrooms across the country, John Murawski reports for RealClearInvestigations. The 1619 Project is teaching tens of thousands of American schoolchildren that the United States was founded not in liberty in 1776 but in the bondage of slaves arriving in Virginia in 1619.

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The Washington Times republished an article from RealClear Investigations. In other words, The Washington Times thought this story is important and that you would give it your attention.

Consider. You have children or grandchildren in the public school system? Do you know:

  • Who decides who will teach your children?
  • Who decides what your children will be taught?
  • What the curriculum review process looks like?
  • How much the educational content in the public school system is already biased one way or the other?
  • What can you do to influence who teaches your children and what they are taught?

Think about how the public school system works. We give politicians our money, cross our fingers, and we hope for the best. Don’t think it works that way? Think we can hold those guys accountable? How? We have put four levels of government in charge of the public schools: our school board, our local government, our state government, and the Federal Government. When there is a problem, we have trouble just figuring out who to blame. How do we hold anyone accountable if we don’t know who is to blame?

Because we have given our leaders our money without any strings attached, our leader feel more accountable to their campaign donors than they do to parents. Therefore, parents have a very difficult time keeping their children from being taught beliefs they find abominable.


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