Interested in voting in the Democratic Party’s Presidential Primary Election in Virginia. Are you a resident of Prince William County? Then check out

Note that the election is on March 3, 2020. Because President Trump does not have a challenger, there will only be a ballot for the Democratic Party.

Who is on the Democratic Party’s ballot? Here (below) is the list of candidates you will see on the ballot. Since none have asked to be removed, the ballot lists many who have quit the race.

From the sample ballot (click here to see the actual sample ballot)

No one will stop you from voting for someone who has quit the race. Nevertheless, you will be wasting your vote.

Please research the candidates. Before you go to vote at your usual polling location, it is your job to think about what you are doing. In addition to verifying the person you want to vote for is still in the race, please make certain you know something about each candidate’s background and position on the issues that matter to you.

Your vote can make a difference. There is a good chance that whoever you vote for will be running our country. Do you want your vote to help or hurt our nation? Are you voting for good or for ill? If you care about our country, please vote that way.

Additional Voter Information

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